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Just Landed: Shawn Mendes Signature – Superdrug
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Just Landed: Shawn Mendes Signature

From the man who brought us Stitches – y’know, that catchy song we’ve all sung a few decibels louder than would be deemed office appropriate – comes the brand-new fragrance that we guarantee will be on everyone’s Christmas list.

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Shawn Mendes is, of course, well known for his swoon-inducing tunes and pretty-boy looks, but now he’s turned his hand to perfumery – and we gotta say we’re impressed.

Shawn Mendes Signature is a unisex scent that’s inspired by his Canadian roots, with sugar maple accord at its heart. The fragrance opens with an infusion of refreshing citrus and radiant florals, and ends with long-lasting rich woody notes.

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We’re also big fans of the vintage-inspired bottle, with its copper-toned guitar pick engraved with Shawn’s signature, and a cap that replicates a wrapped guitar string.

Shawn is clearly super-excited to share his creation with us all. ‘I wanted to create something really special that I could share, which represents the authenticity of my music and my connection with my fans,’ he says.

So if you know of a big Shawn Mendes fan or there’s nothin’ holding you back (if you know, you know) from getting this scent in your collection, act fast. We expect it to be a massive seller...

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