Mixa Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? If so, you’ll probably know how hard it can be to find the right skincare. Sensitive skin can be uncomfortable, fragile to the touch and especially vulnerable to external aggressors. Symptoms such as dryness, redness, roughness, stinging and burning probably won’t be unfamiliar. If you don’t find the right skincare for sensitive skin, the discomfort with persist. Not to worry though – Mixa may be just the answer you were looking for.


About Mixa Sensitive Skin

Back in 1924 Dr. Roger, a visionary pharmacist, created a unique cream formula to help some of the first ladies who went into the workforce to remedy their dry, chapped hands. The ointment was such a success that Mixa laboratories went into large-scale production.

Since its inception, the brand has always used proven pharmaceutical ingredients known to treat and care for the most sensitive skin.

Each ingredient is carefully selected according to three fundamental criteria Mixa believes in: Effectiveness, Security and Safety.

What Makes Mixa Unique?

  • The brand reduced the number of ingredients to minimize allergy risk
  • Strict selection of active ingredients by researchers and a toxicologist to combine
  • Tested on 100% sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, non-comedogenic formulas based on sensitive skin needs
  • Formulas are created with a four-week clinical cosmetic study conducted under dermatological supervision
  • Safety test results followed by an independent dermatologist
Mixa Sensitive Skin

How Mixa Feels on Sensitive Skin

Mixa textures feel as great on your hands as they do on your body. These velvet-like formulas are a pleasure to apply and wear. Their non-greasy, non-sticky textures quickly melt into the skin, keeping you comfortable, nourished and irritation-free all day long.

It offers formulas perfectly suited to meet the specific needs of sensitive skin. From nourishment to repair, from soothing to firming, Mixa has a tailor-made solution for face, body and hands.

The best news? Mixa is now available exclusively at Superdrug!