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Just Landed: Bubble T Confetea range – Superdrug
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Just Landed: Bubble T Confetea range

Flat lay of bubble T products

Here’s the deal – Bubble T has launched a brand-new, super-colourful, super-fun and super-deliciously scented range of bath products. We’re talking six new pamper products, exclusive to Superdrug, designed to take bath time to a whole new level. With the Bubble T Confetea range, you can fill your bath with rainbow colours and fruity scents. Here are the six new products that will upgrade your me-time from average to awesome…

Flat lay of bubble T products

Bubble T Confetea Edition Somewhere Over The Rainbow Giant Bath Bomb Fizzer

You’ll be clicking your red shoes to get home from work asap to try this magical bath fizzer, which works to soften your skin. Fill the tub with water, pop in the rainbow-shaped delight and watch the colours swirl.

Bubble T Confetea Edition Bath Bomb Fizzer

Need a mood booster after a long day in the office? This rainbow bath fizzer smells like a summer orchard and is jam-packed with fruity scents.  

Bubble T Confetea Edition Bath T-Bags

Imagine if making bath time special was as simple as putting a tea bag in the bath. Well, now it is. But this ain’t no ordinary tea bag. It’s packed with summer-scented bath salts ready to take over your tub with fruit fragrance. What’s more, the bath salts help to ease stress, relax the body and relieve pain and muscle cramps. You’ll feel more chilled out than ever.  

Bubble T Confetea Edition Mini Macaron Bath Fizzer Stack

Want a lil luxury in your life? Prone to eating a macaron or two in the bath? Mix a macaron-shaped bath treat in with the water for the perfect combination of your two fave treats. Designed to replenish the moisture in your skin, they’re sweet, fruity – and a bit of you.  

Bubble T Confetea Edition Bath Confetti Push Pop

Do you love getting ready almost more than the night out? These skin-conditioning party-popper bath fizzers will make girls’ night even more fun. Get this – the confetti melts into the water and fills the room with fruity fragrances. Your legs will look and feel so smooth when you’re rocking your LBD at the club.

Bubble T Confetea Edition Melting Marble Oil Bath Pearls

Teeny little pearls of oil that melt in the water? Uh, yes please! What could be better than combining our love of cute things with pamper time? The oil bath pearls come in a variety of colours, so it’s kinda like throwing a load of Millions into the tub – only these bad boys act to lock in moisture to keep your skin super-hydrated. We told you first.

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