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Me Time: Pampering Gifts – Superdrug
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Me Time: Pampering Gifts

Pink Pampering Gifts on table with lady holding a Superdrug Spaa Product

Fed up feeling, well, fed up? It sounds like you could do with a little TLC. Proof that a little pampering can go a long way, these ideas will immediately lift your spirits. Cancel your Friday night plans and get set to schedule in some me time…

Pink Pampering Gifts on table with lady holding a Superdrug Spaa Product

Run a Bubble Bath

It’s amazing what a long soak in the tub can do to your attitude, with every minute that passes you can almost feel pent up stress or irritation melt away. Turn your bathroom into a mini spa to fully relax the senses. Put on soothing instrumental music, light up a few scented candles and scatter some bath salts into the water for good measure.

Nailed it!

It’s the oldest trick in the pampering book, but a manicure is nothing short of magical. Do you think Beyoncé takes on her day with chipped polish? No, didn’t think so! Restock your at-home kit and get to work pushing back cuticles, massaging in lotions and painting the town red (or purple, or nude, or silver…!). And if you don’t think your own skills are quite up to the challenge of sharpening up your talons then visit the pros in our stores for the ultimate treat.

Set the Mood

Whether you love getting lost in a good book in your downtime or a blockbuster film, setting the right ambiance makes all the difference. Light up a scented candle near your favourite reading chair (if you’re really prepared then pick a fragrance that matches the destination the book is set in for an added sensory experience) or fill up the kitchen cupboard with popcorn for the ultimate movie marathon.

Ghost Ghost Home Azure Candle £20.00 Buy Now
Pampering Gifts 2

Brows on fleek 

The brows frame the face so never underestimate the power of a pristine arch or perfectly blended pomade. If you want a little feel-good boost then a quick spruce up can work wonders. Pluck away those pesky stray hairs or visit our in-store experts for that picture-perfect touch. No pain, no gain…   

Revolution Revolution Ultra Eyebrow Palette Kit Medium to Dark £7.99 Buy Now

Time for a Mask, or two... 

In an ideal world, once a week you’ll shut off from the world and slap on your face and hair mask. But, life can sometimes get in the way of your beauty plans. Block out an hour in your diary for a ‘sorry I can’t come out I’m washing my hair’ evening and finally indulge. Or better yet, call up your girls and get them involved too!

If your locks are looking a little lacklustre, then opt for a deep conditioning treatment. And for your skin, make sure you pick the right face mask for the job.  

Vitamin E Superdrug Vitamin E Leave On Face Mask 100ml £3.49 Buy Now
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