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The ultimate travel makeup kit – Superdrug
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The ultimate travel makeup kit

Flat lay of holiday makeup kit

Do you really need 6 shades of a nude lipstick for your week-long holiday to Marbs? How about every single makeup brush, JIC? Should you risk the baggage limit for the sake of the freestanding ring light for balcony pics? The answer to everything that might have crossed your mind is a big, fat – NO! Yes, we know it’s hard to predict exactly what parts of your precious makeup kit you’ll need on hols, but be ruthless and be honest. Here’s how to pack the ultimate travel-friendly kit.

Flat lay of holiday makeup kit

Holiday must-haves

Waterproof errrrrrrythang

It’s going to be hot. You’re going to sweat. You’re going to need extra help making sure your makeup doesn’t slide down your face and into your all-inclusive buffet dinner. So help your future self out by going for waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid any panda eye situations.

Lip balm queen

An oldie but a goodie. Lip balm on holiday is not only necessary for keeping your pout free from dehydration but if you go for one with added SPF it can protect them from burning too.

Blinding highlighter

Reflect that extra sunlight with the power of highlighter! And no it’s not a one-hit wonder. Use it in the usual places (Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, under brow arch) but also use it as eyeshadow, dab it over a gloss and dust it along the collarbone for bad girl Riri vibes.  

Wipes for the win

If you want to limit your risk of spillages in your suitcase and also save a bit of room too, then you need go for wipes all the way. From nail polish remover wipes to makeup wipes and also anti-bac wipes too, they will do the trick when you can’t indulge in your usual 10-step routines.

Coconut oil

Have we lost you with this one? Yes, that was kinda the plan. But, you’ll be surprised how much you can do with trusty coconut oil. You can use it in place of shaving cream, to condition your hair and control frizz, to calm down itchy bites, and to remove makeup. Remember to transfer it from that supersize container, only a small pot can do wonders!

Superdrug Superdrug Coconut Oil For Hair & Skin 125ml £2.99 Buy Now

The space-savers

From multi-tasking marvels (helloooo lip and cheek tint) to teeny, tiny travellers, stock up on these immediate essentials.

Miniature fragrances

Unless you are spraying a mist of fragrance with every step you take, then you won’t be getting through a 100ml bottle of your favourite scent. Trust us on this one. Instead, take a miniature or get yourself a perfume atomiser where you can fill a mini 5ml bottle with your usual go-to.

Brush tricks

If you don’t want to carry every single brush (do you really need a lip brush if you have lip liner, gloss and lipstick?), then just learn a few easy tricks instead. You can transform a fluffy blusher brush into a more delicate fan brush by pushing your thumb down in the middle to allow the bristles to move into a highlighter-friendly shape. Or try dual-ended and multi-use brushes, to take more options without compromising on precious space.

A killer palette

We all have that one palette that helps us in our time of need. No not the one where you only reach for that same colour and nothing else. We’re talking about THE palette where every, single pigment is appreciated for its gloriousness. Pack that one. Leave the others on home land.

All the tints

Perfect if you want to pack light, a dual-purpose lip and cheek tint will give you a rosy glow in one. Or how about a tinted moisturiser? Light coverage + instant hydration = summer skincare love story. 

Garnier Garnier BB Cream Anti Ageing Light Tinted Moisturiser 50ml £9.99 Buy Now

City break makeup kit checklist

If you're eye-rolling at our aspirational to-pack list because a budget airline luggage restriction is getting in the way of your picture-perfect glow goals, then you need to go back to basics. If your packing ultra-light and with a carry-on case (so can’t take a lot of liquids), then here is your must-have list:


 BB/CC cream




 1 x eyeshadow palette (look at your outfits and pick a palette that’ll complement every look)


 Brow pencil

Waterproof eyeliner


Double-ended ombre lip crayon

Lip balm


Small pack of makeup wipes

Dual-ended blush/foundation brush

Need more packing advice? Check out our holiday essentials checklist... 

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