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The ultimate guide to foundation – Superdrug
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The ultimate guide to foundation

set of b. makeup brushes with swatches of foundation and powder

Foundation is the makeup bag essential. A girl and her foundation is one of the strongest bonds in the world - and with good reason. Learn everything you need to know (and find your perfect match) with our easy guide to foundation. 

three b. makeup brushes with swatches of foundation and powder

What does it do?

Foundation is your makeup’s support system – a right hand man, if you will. For most people, it’s the first step in their daily routine (after moisturising and priming, ofc). It helps to cover imperfections, minimise pores, and neutralise skin tones – leaving you with flawless skin. Some even come with added properties such as SPF, to keep your skin healthy and glowing. What more could you want?!

With endless shades, coverage, and finishes (we could go on), there’s a foundation for everyone. Whether you’re fighting breakouts or after a picture-perfect complexion, it’s a makeup bag essential.

Find your shade

The first step in finding your perfect foundation is finding the right shade. Otherwise, you’ll be dangerously close to looking like a wotsit. To find the right shade, you need to look at your skin’s undertone. Your undertone unlocks the secret as to why some foundations may look like your type on paper, but actually look ridic in real life.

Luckily, there’s a super easy way to figure out your undertones using the veins on your arms:


Cool undertones: If they look blue or purple, you probably have cool undertones. Opt for foundation with pink undertones to compliment you.

Warm undertones: If they appear green, you probably have warm undertones. Opt for foundation with yellow undertones.

Neutral undertones: If they’re a blue-green, you probably have neutral undertones. Opt for foundations with slightly golden or peachy undertones.

Foundation for skin types

Foundation is basically you in a group project – it does it all. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, ageing skin, or acne-prone skin, there’s a foundation that will fix your woes pronto.

Acne-prone skin: A full coverage foundation will hide blemishes whilst a matte finish will stop any attention being drawn to the breakouts you want to cover.

Ageing skin: Avoid full coverage as they may build up in fine lines and wrinkles– drawing attention to them. Opt for lightweight finishes to hide blemishes without highlighting signs of age.

Dry skin: Don’t be tempted by heavy coverage as it will just flake away. A moisturising, lightweight foundation is your best bet. If your skin is super dry, a tinted moisturiser, BB, or CC cream might be better for you.

Oily skin: Opt for a medium or full coverage and a mattifying finish to fight shine. Even better, you could go for an oil-free foundation.

Flawless finish

We’re almost done – promise! The grand finale of foundation types is the finish.

Natural: Perfect to trick people into thinking you’re not wearing makeup.

Matte: An evening-look fave. The formula soaks up excess oil, so is great for those with oily skin.

Satin: Gives you a healthy glow. Perfect for those with dry skin a it’s not drying.

Luminous: An illuminating, radiant, glow. Perfect with those who have normal or dry skin.

How to apply

Now you know all about foundation, you need to know how to apply it. The most popular methods are…

Using a sponge: A blending sponge gives you an airbrushed finish. If you want supermodel skin: Wet the sponge, squeeze out excess water, and dab it in foundation. Then lightly tap all over your skin, turning slightly to blend.

Using a brush: The OG way to apply flawless foundation. Swipe from the centre of your face outwards to avoid streaks. Make sure you keep your brushes clean!

Using your hands: If you’re on the go, you can apply your foundation using your fingers. Work from the centre and blend out to avoid streaks. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it’s best to avoid this method.

Now you know all about foundation, why don’t you explore ours?

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