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The Benefits of Makeup Setting Spray – Superdrug
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The Benefits of Makeup Setting Spray

makeup fixing setting spray

Spritzing makeup setting spray not only gives you a lovely, cooling sensation, but it is also packed with benefits. Here’s why it may just become that tiny secret pleasure that you look forward to every time you finish your makeup routine.


What is Makeup Setting Spray?

Makeup setting spray or fixing spray is a light mist that you spritz around your face once you’ve finished applying your makeup. Just like using hair spray on your hair, or a top coat after your coloured nail varnish, makeup setting spray has been designed to hold the products you’ve used in place all day (or even night!). That’s right, bye bye patchy foundation and runny mascara!

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What Are the Benefits of Makeup Setting Spray?

Most makeup setting sprays work well on all skin types. However, if you need something that is a bit more customised, there’s a variety of makeup setting mists that can help you with:

  • Keeping skin matte: We all know that oiliness that often comes from an air-conditioned environment. Thankfully, there are quite a few makeup setting sprays that help to combat this.
  • Keeping skin hydrated: An extra hydration boost is always a good idea if you have dry skin.
  • Intensifying your chosen foundation finish: Makeup setting sprays are not only for mattifying, they can also add to that dewy glow or help your makeup stay put while staying completely invisible.
  • Prolonging your makeup’s staying power: If you are off to the gym or you plan to dance the night away, extra hard working setting spray will be your best friend.
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