Pretty female modeling lipstick for dark skin in front of a yellow background

Do you want to start a love affair with lipsticks, but struggle to find one that suits your skin tone? Finding the right lipstick can be tricky, especially for those with a dark complexion. You want your lips to look fresh and healthy, so which shades should you look out for? Here’s a rundown of the best shades of lipstick for dark skin to express every personality!

But first… determine your skin’s undertone

If you have darker skin, you will usually find that you have either warm or cool undertones. The category you fall into will help you decide on the best lipstick for you. Luckily, it’s super easy to find out which you are by looking at the colour of the veins on the inside of your wrist…

Cool undertones: If they look blue or purple, you’re likely to have cool undertones.

Warm undertones: If they appear green, you're likely to have warm undertones. 

It's as simple as that!

Go Nude

We all love a good ol’ nude lip, but the struggle to find the right nude to suit darker skin tones is real. Remember, the original colour of your lips is key to finding a shade that suits you, but a good starting place would be a warmer shade, with caramel tones. Think ‘your lips, but better!’

Bold Berry

Go big or go home, right? Well, if you want a stand out shade that’ll get you noticed from a mile off, go with a berry lip- think rich, deep colour with a hint of blue. This shade will especially suit those with a darker complexion and cool undertones.

On-trend Browns

Need a lipstick for a coffee date? Work meeting? Just popping to the shops? A warm brown shade is un-fussy and it looks trendy and sophisticated without drawing all the attention to your lips.

Creative Corals

The pink-orange hybrid is the ideal middle ground if you’re not digging pink or all out orange. Dark skin, with warm undertones, looks outstanding with a bright, coral lip. The brighter the better (if you ask us!). If your undertone is a little cooler, opt for a coral with a touch of red to make a killer statement!