Girl applying under eye concealer
Girl applying under eye concealer

Dark circles, under-eye bags and puffiness are all telltale signs of not getting enough sleep. Follow our hints and tips to on how to get rid of dark circles in no time at all…

How to conceal dark circles

  1. Apply your foundation as normal, choosing one that offers great coverage and illumination.

  2. Next, take your under-eye concealer – it should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone – and apply it in a triangle shape. Draw the base of the triangle underneath your eye and bring the point of it down to the top of your cheek. Pat it in with your ring finger.

  3. Use a brush to dust a little translucent powder over the concealer to help it last all day. Gently pat the brush over the under-eye area, starting at the inner corner.

  4. Finish by dotting highlighter along the top of your cheekbones, gently blending with your finger. This will help reflect the light and emphasise your bone structure, brightening the whole eye area.

How to de-puff eye bags

Under-eye bags are caused by fluid retention and occur naturally as you age, but a lack of sleep or some allergies can cause them, too.

Follow the same routine as above but start by treating the under-eye area with a specialist product that moisturises and hydrates the area. This usually comes in a roller-ball applicator, which allows you to cover the area without dragging on the delicate skin.

Girl using eyelash curlers

How to brighten your eyes

  1. Start with eyelash curlers. Place them as close to the base of your lashes as possible and lightly squeeze for a couple of seconds, followed by five gentle pulses. Repeat on each eye.

  2. Sweep a light gold eyeshadow over your entire lid, right to the inner corners of your eyes.

  3. Apply white kohl liner along your waterline to brighten your eyes and make them pop – not only does this make your eyes look more awake, it also helps disguise any redness.

  4. Finish the look with a volumising mascara to add emphasis to your lashes.