Nothing beats having that healthy summer glow. Although you may be tempted to go out and bake under the sun all day, it's definitely not a good idea! All you need to do is follow our guide to self-tanning for men to achieve the bronzed look.

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Because of how harmful UV rays are, it’s become quite normal for men and women to self-tan as a much safer option to sunbathing or tanning beds. If you are new to the world of self-tanning, you may find it to be a little daunting as there seems to be so much to consider when getting that summer glow.

There’s no need to worry as we’ve compiled a few key self-tan steps that will help you get the ultimate golden-hue.

Test the Self-Tan First

Apply a little tanner to a small concealed patch. This can be on your wrist, arm or leg. Testing the product first is a good way to see the tan colour and also if you may have any sensitivities to the ingredients.

Cream, Spray, Liquid or Mousse?

You might prefer using a spray, liquid or mousse all of which have lighter textures than traditional creams and won’t stick to any hairier parts of your body. Everyone's skin is different so it is best to shop around and find the texture that works for you.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Applying self-tanner without properly exfoliating your skin first can lead to patchy application. Remember to always exfoliate with a body or face scrub to remove dead skin cells. This also applies for when you want to wash the self-tan off. A good, deep exfoliating cleanse is key.

It's also worth mentioning that it is best to build up a gradual tan over time, as it might seem a little unusual if you’re suddenly two or three shades darker overnight!

Time to Apply the Self-Tan

If you want to ensure complete and even coverage, which we’re sure you do, get yourself a tanning mitt. These handy application gloves will help you achieve more even results and make sure that the tan makes contact with the skin in hairier spots evenly.

Squeeze out or spray a small amount of the product on to the mitt or glove and apply it on your skin as evenly as you can. Work your way up towards the torso making sure your legs, arms and back are covered. It's best to ask a friend or flatmate to help you apply self-tanner on to your back to make sure there are no streaks or smudges when the self-tan dries.

To avoid darker pigmentation appearing on the joints, wrists and ankles, simply blend in regular moisturiser 5-10 minutes after applying the self-tanning product.

Wash Hands Straight Away

Please, please don’t forget to wash your hands straight after. It’s one thing to have a golden brown glow and another to have hands five shades darker than the rest of you. Also, if your friend or flatmate helped you with your self-tan, remind them to wash their hands as well.

If you’ve forgotten to wash your hands and are in a little bit of a panic, simply soak and gently exfoliate your hands, it’ll do the trick.

Keep Skin Moisturised

Lastly, once you’re bronzed to perfection, remember to regularly apply moisturiser. Using an oil-free body moisturiser will help to maintain your tan and keep skin hydrated.