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How to: Fix Broken Makeup – Superdrug
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How to: Fix Broken Makeup

How to fix broken makeup feature

Have you ever watched your favourite beauty product fall in slow-mo and shatter into a million pieces? We feel your pain. But before you resign said obliterated product to the beauty graveyard, check out our savvy tricks to fix broken makeup.

Whether you choose to repurpose, reshape or restore, there’s a handy tip for any meltdown moment.

Makeup Drama 1: Broken Blusher

If your blusher is more cracked that the Sahara desert, you have two options to choose from…

Restore Broken Blush

To hit rewind and take the compact back to its former glory, simply add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol into the mix. Mix it in by using the back of a brush and leave to set. Et voilà – return of the shimmer!

Blusher fix broken makeup

Transform from Blusher to Tinted Moisturiser

Or if you have only managed to salvage a few crumbs of blusher, then you could transform it into a tinted moisturiser instead. Simply take your favourite moisturiser and place into the centre of the compact, the ration should be 1:1.

If there are too many blusher flecks you can always put some to one side and reset using option 1 (above). Next, mix the formula together using a small teaspoon or the back of a brush. Don’t be afraid to break up any clumps so that it’s easy to glide on.  

Blusher 2 fix broken makeup

Makeup Drama 2: Clumpy Mascara

To lengthen the life of your trusty, in-date mascara (if you’ve had it too long then unfortunately the bin is the only way to go!) all you’ll need is a glass, hot water and 3 minutes spare. The heat from the water will help break through the clumps and give those lashes the wow-factor not the spider-factor.

Mascara fix broken makeup

Makeup Drama 3: Broken Lipstick

Whether your lipstick has snapped in two or the slant is a little on the horizontal side – we got you!

Reshape the slant

We all have our own technique when it comes to applying lippie and sometimes this can impact the angle of the slant. Restore to beauty factory settings by holding the lipstick near a candle flame to heat it up, but not to melt it. Next, use the back of a spoon to gently press to a 45 degree angle. Leave for 5 minutes to cool before using.

Lipstick fix broken makeup

Transform from lipstick into lip/cheek stain

If there’s barely any colour left salvaging from a lipstick snap, do not head straight for the bin. Instead, break off the remaining stick and press into an empty compact using the back of a spoon. Smooth it down and enjoy your new lip and cheek stain!

Lipstick 2 fix broken makeup

And for when your fav product is beyond repair, only a new one will do…

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