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Festival Makeup Tips

collage of celebrity festival goers like Shay Mitchell

Getting your festival face on has never been more fun - hello, face gems! Whether you're heading to a muddy field in the UK or an ultra-glam beachside setting, there's a look to match every vibe. 

Step-by-step tutorials: Festival makeup & nail art

Boho-inspired brows

Learn how to define your arches for a dramatic look that'll pop against a breezy, beautiful maxi dress.

Glitter Festival Makeup

Want to experiment with glitter but don't want to look like you've escaped from an 80s's disco? Try this.

Silver unicorn-inspired makeup

Turn the unicorn trend on its head (or should that be horn?) by trying out this subtle, mythical makeup look. 

Boho nails

Channel your bohemian spirit animal from your makeup to your talons with this festival-ready nail art design. 

Glitter nails

Give your nails a glam-over with this eye-catching design, complete with a glitter-adorned sunflower.

Boho nails

Forget faux freckles. When it comes to festival season we're all about the faux daisy freckles...

Top tips for packing a festival-ready makeup kit

Sure, it's all well and good pre-planning a totally 'grammable glam, but how on earth do you carry it all to the festival? And should you be packing the same products you usually rely on? Before you pack your makeup kit, check out our top tips.

Go bold or go home

Creating a dramatic look is as easy as carrying with you a pack of stick-on face/body gems and some loose glitter eyeshadow pots. They are easy to travel with and can create totally different looks with some selective placement. 

Girl with face gems on at a festival

Wear waterproof everything

When the music starts playing, you're likely to dance and jump around (unless you're one of those too-cool listening types). Which means you're also likely to sweat. So avoid panda eyes/smudges by making sure you choose waterproof everything from mascara to eyeliner. As well as working up a SOULA (sweaty upper lip action) - think about the threat of rain!

festival goer dancing in the rain

Invest in multitasking makeup

Two-in-one blush and lip tints will be your best friend. Or how about a concealer stick that doubles up as nude lippie? These savvy products will save you space in your festival bag, so you can pack other important essentials. 

Girl putting on makeup at a festival

Stay safe with SPF

We've said it time and time again, but SPF is essential every day. But, especially so when you're heading to a festival. Whether it's gloriously sunny or not, you're likely to be spending your days outside so always stay protected against harmful rays. Another great space-saving tip is to pack skincare products that already have SPF protection.

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