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BB Cream or CC Cream: Which One Should I Get? – Superdrug
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BB Cream or CC Cream: Which One Should I Get?

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Everyone seems to be talking about BB creams and CC creams these days – but what actually are they and how are they different each other as well as other face makeup? Read on and find out if you are a BB or CC cream kind of person.

Why Should I consider Going for a BB Cream or CC Cream?

If you like cosmetics that are multifunctional BB, CC and DD creams could really work for you as they are part moisturiser, part makeup and even part primer. This means that they won’t only nourish your skin, they will also provide coverage - hurrah for double duty! It’s worth adding that the coverage in BB, CC and DD creams won’t be as opaque as in foundation or powder. Having said that, these products are perfect for days when you are keen on lighter coverage than foundation, and you are not fond of the idea of going bare faced either.

Female model with BB swatch on her cheek

What is a Tinted Moisturiser?

A tinted moisturiser plays a big role in the category of makeup-meets-skincare as it is the forefather of BB, CC and DD creams. If you are keen on a subtle tint with little to no coverage and all of the benefits your regular day cream provides, go for a tinted moisturiser.

What’s the Difference Between BB, CC & DD Creams?

All You Need to Know About BB Cream

BB stands for “beauty balm”. A BB cream is a tinted moisturiser injected with a bit more coverage and further benefits, for example priming properties, SPF filters and sometimes even a wrinkle reduction effect. This means that when you are in a hurry, you can skip a few beauty steps and get away with using just a beauty balm.

But don’t throw away half of your face makeup bag just yet! As this product is all about light coverage, the effect it’s going to have won’t be as intense as that of a moisturiser, serum or SPF cream – so look at your new BB cream like an addition to your makeup collection, rather than an alternative to some of your tried and tested favourites.

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Female model holding Garnier BB cream

All You Need to Know About CC Cream

CC stands for “colour correcting” or “complexion correcting”. This product has a bit more coverage than the BB cream while still remaining lighter than foundation. CC creams will work better for those with sallow skin or age spots than BB creams. This is because BB creams focus more on prevention and maintenance, while CC creams prime and conceal problem skin as well as colour correct areas that you are not happy with. It’s also worth saying that CC creams are much lighter in texture and less oily than BB creams.

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Model holding CC cream

All You Need to Know About DD Cream

DD stands for “daily defense”. This product is designed to do it all - prime, perfect and protect your skin instantly and over time. It even has added anti-ageing properties which make it perfect for you if your skin is slightly on the mature side. It does this by helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. DD creams are to be worn over your moisturiser - not as a product instead of. Rather than covering up your skin, they have a sheer coverage that evens everything out. DD creams are also great for defending your skin against environmental factors like pollution.

Quick Fire Questions: BB Cream or CC Cream?

Oily skin: CC. It is less oily and lighter than the BB cream.

Redness: CC. It will correct your tone in no time.

Sensitive skin: Both can work wonders. Shop around and go for a BB or CC cream that complements your skin tone the most.

Anti-Ageing: Both BB or CC can come to the rescue. However, don’t be tempted to use them as an alternative to a great anti-ageing skincare routine.

Healthy Glow: BB. It will enhance your complexion and let your natural skin shine.

Blemish-prone skin: BB. It focuses on prevention of blemishes.

Skin with blemishes: CC. It will help you conceal problem areas.

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