We've got AMAZING news! Superdrug’s chart topping podcast, The Beauty of it All podcast is BACK for season 2! The Beauty of it All is the beauty-obsessed big sister YOU have always wanted.

Hosted by the amazing TV & Radio Presenter, Journalist and Children's Author, Vick Hope. Together with celebrity guests and industry experts, we take a backstage look at the beauty industry, the issues facing it and all the news you've been craving.

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Season 2 Episode 2: What is Hygiene Poverty? A Beauty Banks Special

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Episode 2 will be available at 11am on Sunday 9th August.

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In our second episode, host Vick Hope is joined by Sali Hughes and Jo Jones, co-founders of Beauty Banks.

Sali is an acclaimed beauty editor and writer, Jo is a renowned PR expert and together they created the people-powered grassroots movement to tackle hygiene poverty in the UK.

In this podcast, Sali and Jo talk us through the hygiene issues facing those in poverty, why Beauty Banks are so important to those in need – providing them with supplies that many of us take for granted, from soaps and shampoos, to sanitary products. They also tell us about working with Superdrug and how you can donate.

Ep 2 guests

(L-R) Host Vick Hope and guests Sali Hughes and Jo Jones.

Season 2 Episode 1: What Pride Means to Me

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To celebrate Superdrug and Switchboard’s Pride campaign guest host Brian Dowling chats to Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Blu Hydrangea, radio host Adele Roberts and activist Kenny Ethan Jones about their experiences of Pride and why this year it’s more important than ever to come together and support the community and each other. Also featured are interviews with Switchboard Co-chair Tash Walker, Superdrug employee Wayne Russell and asexuality activist Yasmin Benoit.

Episode 1 is sponsored by Simple, Vaseline, Closeup and Lynx

Please note, episode 1 is guest hosted by Brian Dowling, but our regular presenter, Vick Hope will be presenting the other episodes as she did for season 1.

Talent episode 1 v2 resize

(L-R) Host Brian Dowling and guests Kenny Ethan Jones (photo credit: Tom Buck Photography), Blu Hydrangea and Adele Roberts.

See What We Got Up to in Season 1:

Episode 8 – Is Botox Safe?

This episode will delve into the misconceptions surrounding Botox. We want to dispel the myths, reveal the truth and debate the pros and cons of the inject-able, in an increasingly selfie-driven world.

When is it available?

Sunday 21st July 2019


Nadine Baggot

Nadine Baggot is a beauty presenter and editor, with 25 years in the business, writing for the likes of Hello!, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and appearing on This Morning.

Ollie Locke

He is 31 years old and found fame on Made in Chelsea which he starred in for four years. He was also on Celebrity Big Brother 2014, Celebs Go Dating 2018 and has just landed a role in a Hollywood movie with Isla Fisher and Steve Coogan.

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Episode 7 – Shades of Beauty – Why does the beauty industry still struggle with diversity?

We are going to be discussing what’s being done about diversity in the beauty industry, whether it’s enough and what the future of beauty looks like. We’ve invited influencer Charmie Janee, Journalist Anita Bhagwandas and founder of Choco Media Model agency, Kareen Hurley to get their views.

When is it available?

Sunday 14th July 2019


Anita Bhagwandas

Anita Bhagwandas is a beauty director with over a decade of experience. She’s worked at magazines like Stylist, Marie Claire and Women’s Health and is currently Beauty and Lifestyle director at large at Glamour.

Kareen Hurley

Former model Kareen Hurley, founded London-based Choco Media Models (@chocomedaimodels), an agency, platform and blog for dark and brown skin models and actors, in 2016 when she was in her early twenties.

Charmie Janee

Charmie Janee is a beauty influencer who shares beauty tutorials to over 450k followers on Instagram (@charmiejanee). She also has 33k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts fun-filled vlogs about her life and experiences. Charmie’s family are from the Philippines.


Episode 6 – Makeup is not a drag

Think all that baking and contouring from Instagram is new hat? Think again, they’re methods that have been used by drag queens for decades. This episode is exploring the influence that drag culture has had on modern makeup today.

When is it available?

Sunday 7th July 2019



Sam Champman and Nic Haste, also known as Pixiwoo, are makeup artists, YouTubers and co-founders of Real Techniques (makeup brush, sponge and tools brand launched in 2011).

Charlie Hides

Charlie Hides is an American-born drag queen, impersonator, actor and comedian. Hides is known for his live performances and YouTube channel which he launched in 2011, where he does sketches and impersonates celebrities. He was on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Ep 6

Episode 5 – Look good, feel good – Are beauty & wellness blurring into one?

In episode 5 we are asking how blurred the lines are becoming between beauty and wellness. More and more of us bounce from spin class to blow dry - and take supplements not only to feel better, but to look better, too. So, who better to ask than PT Alice Lieving and body positive activist Chessie King!

When is it available?

Sunday 30th June


Alice Liveing is one of the most recognisable figures in the health and fitness world, using her social media channels to share motivational workouts and healthy recipes. She’s now amassed a 630k strong Instagram following and has three best-selling books.

Chessie King

Chessie King is a body positive activist and health and fitness blogger who uses her platform to show that things online aren’t always as they seem.


episode 5

Episode 4 – The Big Beauty Quake – The Rise of Skincare

In episode 4 we are chatting with former model and influencer, Ruth Crilly, otherwise known as A Model Recommends and cosmetic dermatologist, Sam Bunting . We will be discussing their top tips to prevent wrinkles, if they think retinal is all its cracked up to be and whether we should be doing a 10 step skincare routine!


When is it available?

Sunday 23rd June 2019


Ruth Crilly

Known as A Model Recommends. Former model Ruth (she began modelling in 2001) is now a respected beauty blogger/vlogger/influencer. She has law, literature and creative writing degrees. She posts beauty, style and lifestyle videos and is a mother of two.

Sam Bunting

Dr Sam Bunting is a London-based cosmetic dermatologist specialising, quite simply, in great skin – she’s widely considered to be a beauty insider’s best-kept secret.

Podcast ep 4

Episode 3 - The Beauty in Transitioning

In episode 3 we will be delving into the beauty in transitioning with bestselling novelist, Juno Dawson and blogger, Joseph Harwood. We will be discussing their journeys, the role make up has played and who their beauty icons are!

When is it available?

Sunday 16th June 2019


Juno Dawson

Juno Dawson is a bestselling novelist, screenwriter, journalist, and a columnist for Attitude Magazine. Her writing has appeared in Glamour, The Pool, Dazed and the Guardian.

Joseph Harwood

Joseph has been working on a very successful blog for nearly ten years and, in that time, amounted to over 40 million views from innovative beauty and LGBT content.

Ep 3

Episode 2 - Is Vegan Beauty Just A Fad?

In episode 2 we will be exploring all things Vegan Beauty with reality TV star, Lucy Watson and The Vegan Society press officer, Dominika. We will be discussing why they are vegan, is Veganism just a trend or here to stay and who’s secret crush is David Attenborough!

When is it available?

Sunday 9th June 2019


Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson is a model, animal-rights activist and is possibly best known as a star of Made in Chelsea. She’s been vegan for 3 years, has two vegan recipe books and runs a vegan restaurant in London with her sister Tiffany.

Dominika Piasecka

Dominika is a passionate vegan and animal rights activist. Media & PR Officer at The Vegan Society, she's dedicated to spreading information about veganism and inspiring people to change the lifestyle.


Episode 1 - How Fame Changes How You See Yourself

We sat down with Megan Barton-Hanson and TV psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to discuss ex-boyfriends, plastic surgery and how fame can suddenly change perceptions.

When is it available?

Sunday 2nd June 2019


Megan Barton-Hanson

Love Island fans will recognise the lovely Megan. Megan left the love island villa in 4th place last summer and is an outspoken feminist and ambassador for sexual health brand Woo Woo.


Honey Langcaster-James

Honey Langcaster-James BSc MSc PG Dip MBPsS is a well-known TV and radio psychologist. Honey has provided her expertise on shows such as Love Island and Big Brother, both on and off screen, and is a well-established life coach and media spokesperson.

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