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So, What Does SIM-Only Actually Mean? – Superdrug
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So, What Does SIM-Only Actually Mean?

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The time has come to upgrade your phone and with it, your mobile tariff. Now, even though there are some *pretty* incredible new devices out on the market at the moment, none of them really tickle your pickle. Or maybe you’ve finally paid off that pricey monthly contract and have become quite fond of your current handset and the abundance of cases you’ve brought for every mood?

So if committing yourself to another lengthy contract isn't for you, have you considered a SIM-only plan? Actually, let's be more specific, have you considered a Superdrug Mobile SIM-only plan?

What’s This SIM-Only Business?

With a SIM-only deal you will receive a specific amount of texts, minutes and data each month for a fixed price. This way, you don’t have to worry about racking up a huge phone bill or running out of credit while talking to your mum or mate’s mid-crisis. It’s got your back, just like they have.

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What Else Can a SIM-only Deal Offer Me?

1. There’s No Commitment

Are you enjoying the taste of freedom now you have finally paid off that old phone contract? Well, SIM-only plans are the definition of ‘no strings attached’ – so you no longer have to worry about being tied down to a service provider. You don’t have to commit to lengthy 12 or 24-month contract and you can leave with only a little bit of notice – but we don’t think you’ll want to!

2. It’s Cost Effective

Without having to pay premium charges for a brand-new handset, SIM-only plans are often A LOT cheaper with plenty more perks! Superdrug Mobile starts from just £10 a month… Yes, just ten whole pounds!

So, you can gossip with your mates, talk about the latest happenings in TV and download movies for that dull commute to work without having to fork out a chunk of your income every month for the phone and mobile tariff.

3. Waiting For The Latest Phone Release is Easier

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of the new Apple phone? Or perhaps you’re more of a Samsung fan? If so, a SIM-only plan makes the wait for the handset to become available easier. As long as you have paid off your last contract, simply pop in a SIM-only card to tide you over while you’re in between handsets.

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Tell Me More About Superdrug Mobile…

So, if you’re thinking Superdrug is where you go to stock up on your beauty essentials, pick up the odd cheeky sarnie and star buy perfume? Well, we’re here to get you up to speed!

Superdrug Mobile actually offer one of the BEST SIM-only deals around. Don’t believe us? Check us out with our super-amazing deals (we’re talking oodles of data, texts and calls for just £10 a month!) *gasps* we know… it’s fab! Click be click the big pink button below to find out more…

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