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Harnessing the power of technology and infused with natural ingredients, Optimum aims to bring high-tech skincare to women of all ages.

All of the products in the new Optimum skincare range use the highest quality ingredients to create indulgent, luxurious and effective formulas to help keep skin both supple and smooth.

Superdrug_Optimum_all_product_group - Featured Image

Each product has been created to specifically target every age group to meet the skin’s changing needs, and after several applications skin is left nourished and vibrant.

All products within the Optimum range are cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians, which is great news! Most of the products are also vegan friendly, but please make sure you check the packaging of each product before purchasing to confirm.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoBrighter Triple Action Illuminating Black Moisturiser


Skin that is well hydrated and nourished appears healthier. Optimum’s PhytoBrighter Triple Action Illuminating Black Moisturiser not only helps you achieve this, but it’s triple action formula also helps to combat dark spots, a dull and uneven skintone, discolouration as well as keeping those pesky fine lines at bay.

The deep black colour may seem a little unusual at first but this is becoming ever more popular among skincare brands. The colour is created by one of the key ingredients in the unique formula – Black Mulberry Fruit, which has a soft satin-like texture that melts into the skin revealing a luminous complexion.

Black Mulberry Fruit is rich in anthocyanins, a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance and radiance. Not content with just infusing Black Mulberry, the moisturiser contains Blackcurrant Leaf Extract and Pine Bark Extract for free radical protection with a clinical test demonstrating that these also help prevent premature skin ageing.

User trials and clinical studies have shown that after just one week skin appears brighter, and after four weeks pigmentation and discolouration had noticeably reduced. The Superdrug Optimum PhytoBrighter Triple Action Illuminating Black Moisturiser is targeted to women aged 25 and over.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoCellTec UV Defending SPF15 Day Cream and Overnight Peel

Specifically created for women aged 25 and over, the Superdrug Optimum PhytoCellTec UV Defending SPF15 Day Cream and Overnight Peel work in perfect harmony to help maintain skin’s youthful appearance as well as keeping it hydrated.

Containing grape and Viv-illume these power-packed ingredients are full of antioxidants to help keep skin luminous. The day cream also contains SPF15 to further enhance your protection levels from the sun’s rays and help combat the signs of premature skin ageing.

During the night the overnight peel restores skin’s radiance as you sleep, so you wake up to beautifully supple skin.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoGlyc-Age Anti-Glycation Anti-Ageing Skincare

Trying to cut back on sugar has many benefits that most of you will already be familiar with, but did you also know the effect that it has on your skin?

Too much sugar not only has serious health consequences but also affects the skin’s appearance – and not in a good way. One of these consequences is Glycation. Glycation can cause skin to lose elasticity, become less supple and even become more susceptible to pollution and the sun’s UV rays, which is a leading cause of premature ageing.

Optimum continually strives to use cutting-edge technology and research to help keep skin looking youthful and radiant. The PhytoGlyc-Age range is no exception containing dGlyage. Clinical studies have shown that both products have a positive effect on skin’s elasticity, lines and wrinkles.

Prodiza, a naturally derived skin detoxifier, helps to improve the complexion. In addition, both the day cream and night serum are enriched with Vitamin E which is known for its antioxidant properties.

The Night Serum Concentrate includes Panthenol, which is known for its moisturising and conditioning effect on the skin.

The SPF15 Day Cream includes Moringa Seed Oil for its skin nourishing and emollient properties which help to soften and smooth the skin.


Superdrug Optimum PhytoSurvive Multi-Protecting Serum and Day Cream

The potent skincare duo specifically designed for women aged 40 and over fortifies the skin’s resilience to the extreme and often harsh environmental stresses.

The day cream and serum simultaneously work together with the infused power of PhytoSnow-Algae to help skin deal with pollution and UV rays.

The day cream specifically contains UVA and UVB filters and a 24-hour intense moisturising formula to deeply nourish and refresh skin for a silky smooth texture. For added radiance the day cream has also been combined with photo-reflective particles for a glistening and even complexion – selfies will never be the same again.

Fortification has been increased with the addition of Vitamin E within the serum. A MoistBoost helps to keep skin supple and smooth with a slow release hydrating formula.


Superdrug Optimum PhytoDeluxe SPF15 Day Cream and Comforting Night Cream

The luxuriously smooth Optimum PhytoDeluxe SPF15 Day Cream and Comforting Night Cream are designed for women aged over 45. Clinical studies have shown that with daily use the day and night cream will help firm and smooth skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Their formula instantly melts into the skin leaving it feeling nourished and comforted.

To help protect against harmful UV rays the day cream contains SPF 15 while a clinically proven collagen boosting peptide helps improve skin’s elasticity.

The exotic Black Diamond Truffle Extract improves skin tone and enriched with amino acids helps to maintain the perfect moisture balance for the skin.

The boundary pushing formula is loaded with ingredients that boost and enrich skin such as Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. A self-assessment on 50 people revealed that “skin looks and feels revived and more youthful in just four weeks”

The comforting night cream contains the same ingredients as the day cream, however they are specifically formulated to absorb into the skin as you sleep, meaning that when you wake up your skin will look and feel gloriously beautiful.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoCellTec Skin Renewal Serum and Rich Day Cream

Targeted to women aged 55 and over, the innovative technology of these products improve the skin’s appearance by rehydrating and promoting a radiant complexion.

The Skin Renewal Serum and Rich Day Cream are formulated with PhytoCellTec Swiss apple extract to help improve the skin’s radiance, while the coveted ingredients Myramaze and Argan Oil help to plump the skin leaving it looking and feeling supple and smooth.

The silky smooth consistency of the serum means that it is easily absorbed into the skin and the rich, creamy texture of the day cream hydrates giving a youthful radiance.