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Festival Hair Survival Guide – Superdrug
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Festival Hair Survival Guide

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Festival season is now upon us. So once you have decided which crop tops or graphic tees you are taking with you, it then means moving the focus onto your hair. Below are tips for you to be able to create and maintain hair, leaving you more festival-chic than festival-eeek!


This is likely to be the last time that you have access to a shower and a constant supply of hot water – make the most of it! You want your hair to maintain that just washed feeling for as long as possible but without having to queue for the grotty showers. Here are a few tips to increase the longevity of your hair:

  • Savour your pre-festival shower - Wash your hair at the last possible moment, adding a pre-shower moisturising treatment will help with hair maintenance while you’re enjoying yourself. Try not to keep touching it as this will make it get greasy quickly.

  • Avoid too many products – this is another good way to reduce oil, this includes hairsprays, serums, mousses and oils. Go with your hair's natural texture and create the ultimate carefree look.

  • Masque your hair – a good tip is to apply a hair masque, these are quick and easy to use (roughly 10 minutes) but most importantly will prevent long lasting damage.
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Day One: Keep It Simple

Your hair is looking and feeling the cleanest, so make the most of it! Embrace your follicle cleanliness and choose a simple loose hairstyle - buns and up-do’s won’t hold as long with super clean hair so save these for day two and three.

Regardless of the day, always carry a dry shampoo with you- this will be a life saver. The mini versions are perfect to slip into your bag.  Not only will the shampoo provide you will voluminous locks, but it also absorbs grease. The ideal time to apply dry shampoo is just before going to bed – whatever time that might be. The general movement while you sleep will ensure the dry shampoo is distributed evenly throughout your hair.

Top Tip: Opt for a headband or ribbon to keep loose hair or a fringe at bay, particularly useful in humid weather.


Day Two: Hare-Mare

Hair should still be fairly clean so you have a few styling options that you can go with, on day two work the natural texture and body your hair will have gained overnight.  Loose hair is still a great option but add extra texture by backcombing but remember to keep kinks and grease to a minimum. The best way to avoid grease is to not add any additional product to your hair, however if you must use a little hairspray to keep hair voluminous and in place.

As the day goes on your hair may start to lose volume, if so it’s time to bring out the big guns again. Give you hair a quick spritz of dry shampoo to bring it back to life.


Day Three: Go Wild!

Your hair may have lost its shine, and grease and texture you've picked up from partying will be taking its toll, but you can work this look.

If headbands aren't your go to, and the hair on your face is starting to get in the way, then try out a braided look.  By now your hair will have naturally built up some level of grease, regardless of every preventative measure that you’ve taken but this actually works in your favour. Braids are a good way to go as they work better with greasier hair and will help hide dullness.

Three braid styles that you should try are the twisted crown which is laid back yet elegant, the bohemian bun which is super cute if you’re looking to keep your hair up and out of the way and double halo braids that work for both day and night time.

These styles are quick and easy to achieve and if you really want to go wild why not put glitter on your roots? This will cover up the grease and let your hair shine!


After packing up your dirty clothes and wiping mud from top to toe, you now have to face the festival blues and return home.

The full extent of your partying will be visible in your hair – knots anyone. A heavy duty detangler will help to take out knots that have built up over the three days, use a wide-tooth comb as well to aid in knot removal. In extreme cases apply a leave-in conditioner and let the product absorb for a few minutes, then gently brush from roots to end to detangle.

If you were lucky enough to catch some rays during your festival, you may also find the sun has dried out your hair. Use a hair masque deep conditioning treatment to help replenish your hair to its original condition and shine.

If you're heading to a festival this summer and want to keep your hair looking great, then why not check out our hair styling products.

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