Model smiling and touching face

To think, we obsessively work on our makeup and haircare routines until we’re solid 10/10s. And yet, most of us wander around every day not knowing our face shape. Which is sacrilege, really, when that little beacon of knowledge would unlock a whole new level of slaying.

Model smiling and touching face

How to figure out your face shape

There’s not a set order in which you should be figuring out your face shape. But, we’re gonna teach you the most popular method. Safety in numbers, right?

Step 1: Check the widest point

Equal: If your face is equal in width all over, you probably have round face.

Cheekbones: If the widest point of your face aligns with your cheekbones, you may have a diamond, or heart shaped face. If your cheekbones and forehead are equally wide, you’re more likely to have a heart-shaped face, whereas if your forehead and jaw are narrower, you may be sporting a diamond shape.

Jaw: If your jaw is the widest point of your face, it’s likely you have a square or rectangle shaped face.

Forehead: If your forehead is the widest point of your face, narrowing down to your jaw, you may have an oval or heart shaped face.

Confused? Don’t worry, keep reading!

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Step 2: Asses the jaw shape

Square: If your jaw is more squared then, surprise, you probably have a square shaped face (we know, mind-blowing stuff!)

Pointed: If your chin is pointed, you may have a diamond or heart-shaped face.

Soft: If you have a softer, more rounded jawline, you probably have an oval or (you guessed it) round shaped face.

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Step 3: Measure the length

Short: If your face is slightly shorter than it is wide, your may have a square or rounded face.

Long: If your facer is longer than it is wide, you probably have a long or oval face shape.

Equal: If your face is about equal length and width, you’re likely to have a heart shaped or diamond shaped face.

Makeup for your face shape

Now you know the shape of your face, here’s how to contour and highlight your features:

Diamond: Contour your cheekbones outwards in, from next to your ears to the middle of your cheeks. Highlight above the cheekbones, and highlight the centre of your forehead and chin.

Square: Contour the side of your forehead then blend down to contour the cheekbones. Finally, contour under your jawline. Highlight (using illuminating concealer) under eyes, then dust highlighter over cheekbones and along the brow bone.

Heart: Again, your cheekbones from your ears to the middle of your cheeks. You should also contour both sides of your forehead to balance the width. Highlight the centre of your forehead and chin.

Oval: Contour the sides of your forehead, blending down to your cheekbones from the ears to the middle of your cheeks. Highlight under eyes (using illuminating concealer) and the middle of the forehead.

Round: Contour your cheekbones, then contour the sides of your forehead, and along your jawline. Highlight above your cheekbones, and the middle of your forehead.

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Why do I need to know my face shape?

Knowing your face shape is essential for you to make the most out of your makeup. Whether you have a round face or a diamond face (dw, we’ll get to that) changes how you should be applying your makeup – and what makeup you should opt for to complement your features.