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B. Skincare: The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth – Superdrug
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B. Skincare: The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

B. Skincare Phase 1

We're so much wiser to advertising these days, and it seems like every time you look there's a new skincare brand on the block with even bigger and bolder claims than before. To be perfectly honest, we’ve grown rather cynical about it all.

B. Skincare is no different when it comes to bold claims, but thankfully, their amazing skincare scientists are whizzes at breaking down the science and explaining it all in layman’s terms for us mere mortals. So what are the claimd and how do they stack up? We delve into B. Skincare’s targeted ranges to find out.

B. Confident, Skin Phase One – For Your Late 20s & 30s

Weary commuters and party girls alike, rejoice! The Phase One range is designed to protect against the first signs of ageing caused by environmental exposure and intense lifestyle (it turns out there is such a thing as too much partying).

The Claims

  • With ingredients derived from plants, the range offers “skin-shield” technology to provide protection whilst allowing skin to breathe
  • Intense moisturisation is on offer thanks to hero ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, which holds more water than any other natural substance

The Results

Skin is 42% more hydrated after just one application of B. Confident Day Cream – even after 12 hours.

91% of users agreed that skin looked and felt healthier and moisturized using B. Confident Day Cream twice a day for 4 weeks.

B. Skincare Phase 1
B. Skincare Phase 2

B. Radiant, Skin Phase Two – From Your Late 30s

When you look in the mirror and start to notice fine lines forming around your eyes and mouth, and a lack of radiance in your complexion – don’t panic.  Firstly, remember that laughter lines are a sign of a life well lived.  Secondly, it’s time to introduce you to Phase 2 Skincare from B.

The Claims

  • Natural ingredients like Olive Leaf and Jujube Seed extract make skin more radiant
  • Tetrapeptide-21 boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The Results

B. Radiant Night Cream continues to hydrate the skin by 73% after 12 hours with just one application.

Skin was noticeably smoother and more supple (with 87% saying the cream made their complexion brighter) using B. Radiant Night Cream for four weeks.

B. Restored, Skin Phase Three – From Your Late 40s

As collagen and elastin naturally present in the skin begin to break down, you’ll find your wrinkles appear deeper – so to counteract it, B. ramp up the levels of Hyaluronic Acid in the Phase Three Range.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

A natural polymer that body produces, Hyaluronic Acid can hold 700 times its own weight in water – more than any other naturally occurring substance – which makes it the ideal component in intense moisturisation.

The Claim

  • High levels of peptides encourage the skin’s natural production of collagen
  • A bespoke formulation which has been proven to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles

The Results

An independent Clinical Skin Profilometry Study found that B. Restored Peptide Rich Elixir reduced the appearance of deep wrinkles by 12%!

Plus, women using the B. Restored Serum twice daily for four weeks said their skin was lifted and firmed, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles was reduced.

B. Skincare Phase 3
B. Skincare Phase 4

B. Nourished, Skin Phase Four – For Your Late 50s & 60s

When you reach your late 50s, fine lines are a thing of the past, as wrinkles become deeper and more determined, and skin can begin to sag and look dull. On the flip side, you’re probably happier, wealthier and more comfortable in your own skin than ever before – lucky you!

The Claim

  • A cocktail of highly effective ingredients including Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 and Plantain stem cells boost collagen, and smooth wrinkles
  • Skin is brightened thanks to radiance boosting Vitamin B3 and Spanish Needle extract

The Results

92% said using the regime from the B. Nourished range left their skin feeling firmer.

98% said it brightened their complexion.

87% said it reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Our Verdict

If all that hasn’t left you convinced, we don’t know what will!  Once you decide your regime, B. also offers a range of All Phase products - targeted solutions using the latest in skincare technology.  Designed to fix specific problems, these solutions sit alongside your Skin Phase collection with the same extraordinary results.

And don’t forget, the whole collection has been tested on real women through independent clinical trials and consumer use studies – and it’s dermatologically approved and suitable for vegans too.

B. Skincare - it works.  Seriously.

All statistics were taken from independent clinical trials and independent consumer use studies.

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