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The best makeup primer for your skin type

Flat lay of makeup primers for every skin type

Want your makeup to last all night long? Want it to glide on easily? Want it to stay dewy as opposed to cakey? It’s all about that base, beauty baes. Because once you nail that first layer of primer, the rest will follow like a dream. But, there is no one-size-fits-all miracle cure – discover the best primer for your skin type with our help…

Asian woman with beautiful and healthy skin on beige background. Girl smiling with her eyes closed.

Primer for oily skin

One of the biggest pet peeves of having oily skin is the feeling of makeup melting down your face come lunchtime.

Using a mattifying, oil-free primer will instantly smooth your face, and work hard to control oil levels on your face throughout the day.

Primer for combination skin

If you have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, combine two different primers. Apply a mattifying, oil-free formula to the T-zone to keep excess oil in check, and use a lightweight, hydrating primer on your cheeks to nourish them.

Primer for enlarged pores

Choose a silicone-based primer, which works to smooth and refine the skin’s texture. Silicone helps to reduce the appearance of large pores and will help with the blurring of imperfections, without clogging the pores in the process.

Primer for blemish-prone skin

You’ll need a lightweight primer that won’t block pores but will still provide hydration. Look for a multitasking product that treats the skin while providing a smooth makeup base – primers containing spot-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid are a great solution for this skin type.

Primer for dry skin

Choose creamy, moisturising or gel-based primers that will offer all-day hydration, as well as creating an even, bright base. Look for products containing hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine, and avoid mattifying primers, as these will only further dry skin out.

Primer for uneven skin tone

Look for a colour-correcting product targeted at your particular problem. If you suffer from redness, for instance, a green-coloured primer will help minimise it. If you have sallow undertones, choose lavender, and peach-coloured primers will brighten skin and disguise any pigmentation.

Primer for sensitive skin

The key to finding a primer that suits sensitive skin is to make sure that it is free of fragrances, oils and silicone but contains ingredients such as chamomile to help calm inflammation or aloe vera to soothe.

Primer for anti-ageing

If fine lines and crow’s feet are a primary concern, choose an anti-wrinkle formula. The active ingredients will help to improve the natural elasticity of the skin, tightening and smoothing it, while targeting wrinkles.

Primer for dull, tired skin

Brightening or illuminating primers work in the same way as a highlighter but are subtler, so they’re suitable for use over the entire complexion. Typically containing pearl pigments, these primers will give skin a healthy, dewy glow: the perfect pick-me-up for those days where you’re feeling exhausted.

Eye primer

Dabbing a little eye primer onto the lid will prevent the eyeshadow from sinking into the creases, smudging or fading. It also helps you blend like there’s no tomorrow!

Lip primer

Prepare lips with a little liquid concealer. This will create an even canvas to work with, as well as helping lipstick to last for longer.

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Best eyeshadow for your eye colour

young women looking over their sunglasses

The eyes have it – and don’t we know it. Want to smoulder? Let your eyes flirt your way to a guaranteed second date with a smokey eye. Want to look totes profesh? Make those peepers pop with lighter, matte hues. Want to prove you’re creative? You’ll want to get playful with that colour palette. Yes, there are many ways you can experiment with eye makeup. But, we also know that some colours may complement your natural aesthetic more than others *gasp*. We know, game-changer! Here’s what you need to know…

best eyeshadows for your eye colour chart

Eyeshadow for blue eyes

You know that colour chart wheel that you can sometimes spot in a super swanky interiors shop? Well, it’s not just there to help pick out paint samples – it is also used to show you which colours can work well together. And the general rule of thumb is that if you partner two opposite colours on the wheel, you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven.   

Blue is a naturally cool colour and can come in many different variations from ocean-deep to icy grey. The easiest way to enhance your natural shade is to visit (you guessed it!) the opposite side of the colour wheel.

So, for blue eyes this is warmer earthy tones. Layering light shades of neutral browns, orange and peach is the perfect backdrop to your blue eyes as it makes them pop. By day, choose matte colours for a subtler enhancement and by night add a little more drama by going for shimmery golds and bronze.

eyeshadow colours that work with blue eyes

eyeshadow colours that work with green eyes

Eyeshadow For green eyes

As green eyes are naturally bright, you may find you don’t need to contrast them too heavily with vibrant colours for a dramatic effect. Instead, by day go for soft palettes of shimmery brown, charcoal grey and forest green eyeshadows. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even experiment with mixing some of these colours together to create a slightly richer finish.

Sweep a hint of gold across your eyelids and on the inner corners to highlight any yellow specks in green eyes – although this popular make-up hack works on most eye colours, it’s especially effective at complementing green eyes. Not to mention gold is wearable across all seasons.

For evening soirées for high contrast, try eyeshadow colours such as muted purple, pastel pink, wine red and rose gold.

Eyeshadow for brown eyes

Brown-eyed beauties can play with a whole host of hues across the colour wheel without worrying about a colour clash.

For best results, cool blue, plum and green tones tend to do a great job of balancing out the warmth of brown eyes and are completely wearable during the day. But, if using brighter colours isn’t your style then neutral shades of nude and salmon can also work wonders.

If you want to lift your dark-coloured eyes, opulent eyeshadows in violet and silver or those with a metallic lustre can really stand out for all the right reasons. Press your favourite shade along the lower lash line as well as across your lids for best results.


eyeshadow colours that work with brown eyes

eyeshadow colours that work with hazel eyes

Eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Hazel irises contain different coloured flecks of brown, gold and green, so if you’re lucky enough to have this eye colour then you can experiment with a number of eyeshadows depending on your mood and which flecks you feel like illuminating.

As with blue eyes, dark, smokey eyeshadows can be slightly overpowering next to a hazel iris, so for daytime choose rich, autumnal colours like warm browns, golds and greens to match the changeable tones of your eyes. To really bring out their natural sparkle, dab gold or bronze on the inner corners and centre of your eyelids.

For highlighting any green flecks or to create a look that’s more party-ready, add a touch of purple, wine red or dusty pink eyeshadow to your eyelids, or rim your lashes with dark green shades to add real depth to your look.

Top eyeshadow tips

Now you’ve got the ultimate colour palette know-how, you're ready to become an eye makeup master. But, all that expert knowledge can let you down if you don’t apply it like a pro…

  • Once you’ve found an eyeshadow that suits you, remember the key to making it look good is also very much down to how you apply it and blend it. Whether you’re using pale or dark shades, be sure not to cake on the pigment in one area and drag it across your eye – take some time with it and lightly layer on the eyeshadow to ensure you get even coverage.
  • If you’re feeling creative and want to try wearing a few different colours together – primer and blending tools are your best friends. Applying primer (or even a concealer as a base) will not only help your eyeshadow stay in place, but also help you to blend the colours together more easily.
  • Always blend out your eyeshadow! Unless, of course, you’re deliberately trying to get a blocky finish or jagged edge. Otherwise, use eyeshadow brushes for perfect application and blending.
  • Try mixing up your finishes. If you layer on too much shimmer eyeshadow, you might get an ultra-glam look that isn’t work-appropriate. Equally, being too generous with a matte eyeshadow may make your look fall a bit flat. A mixture of shimmer and matte is the ideal combination to add dimension and keep your peepers looking pretty.

Want more inspo?

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How to apply gel eyeliner

model with brown hair winking wearing gel eyeliner

Intense colour impact? Check. Easy and smooth application? Check. Guaranteed to create a fierce cat eye? Check. Ah, gel eyeliner – you really the mega-babe in our makeup kit. If you’re yet to discover the versatility and amazingness of our ultimate bff, then these steps will help you apply gel eyeliner like a pro. Trust us, it will be love at first line…

model with brown hair winking wearing gel eyeliner

How to apply gel eyeliner

Step 1: Start with a blank canvas

Before you dive straight in, make sure you're starting with a clean and clear base. Use eye makeup remover across the eyelids before you begin - even if you don't have makeup on - this process will also pick up any excess oil too. And if you want your eyeliner to hold (say if you’re heading to a party) then add a touch of primer too.

Step 2: Coat your brush

A flat angled brush is perfect for precisely applying gel eyeliner (we're talking about the type that comes in a little pot), although you might want to mix up your brush depending on the desired effect. A wider, more textured brush if better for blending out your liner for a smokey eye look whereas a thin brush is better for precise lines.

Coat your chosen brush in gel eyeliner and do a couple of practice lines on the back of your hand to get rid of any excess product.

Step 3: Draw the line

For a classic winged look, start drawing your line from the middle of the lash line towards the outer eye, finishing with a light flick. Next, draw a line from the inner eye towards the middle, completing the line. If you have hooded eyes, try pulling the lid gently at the edges for help drawing the perfect line.

Step 4: Build it up

If you want added drama, a great thing about gel eyeliner is that it’s buildable. So once you’ve applied it once, you can go back and add more layers. If you want to go for a smokey eye, take a slightly bigger brush and smudge, smudge, smudge!

Step 5: … And repeat

Repeat the process on the other eye to complete the look and make sure to spot-check as you draw the line to keep them as symmetrical as possible.

What makes gel eyeliners different?

Gel eyeliners revolutionised the eye makeup game because they are in a word – versatile! From smouldering smokey eyes to edgy cut crease looks, this product is a firm favourite for good reason. And don’t get us wrong, we still have a place in our heart for kohl and liquid eyeliner (and every beauty lover will have their personal fav!) but if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all product then gel is the way to go. Experiment with all three types of eyeliner to discover which one will work for the look you have in mind.

flat lay of different types of eyeliners
Maybelline Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 01 Black £8.99 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Gel Eyeliner Pot with Brush £6.00 Buy Now

3 tips for gel eyeliner #goals

1) If you’re not as confident with a brush, simply line your eye with a kohl pencil and then trace with gel eyeliner – this way you are able to practice getting that perfect line!

2) Try a few brushes to find out which one you feel most comfortable with - everyone has their own sworn-fav!

3) If you’ve recently finished your liquid liner, don’t throw away the brush – this can be reused! Clean all the product off first and then it’s ready to roll.

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How to love your body

How to love your body

We’ve all been there – standing in front of the mirror, feeling inadequate. It’s normal to feel a bit crappy about your body, but that doesn’t make it OK. And if these feelings go uncurbed, they can lead to more serious mental and physical health problems. That’s why you need to hop onto the self-love train asap! Practising self-love or learning to fall back in love with your body if you’ve not had the best relationship in the past can be difficult. However, these four simple life hacks will help steer you in the right direction and get you back on track. Self-confidence is a beautiful thing and everyone should have it.

None of us is perfect

We all have lumps ’n’ bumps and dips ’n’ junk in places we’d rather not. But no one is perfect – there’s no such thing. Everyone’s beauty standards are different, and they should be celebrated. Accept your body for what it is and learn to love your quirks and imperfections. Wish you had a six pack? Bigger boobs? Just a smidge taller? Instead of focusing your energies on the negatives, accept that we aren’t Barbie and Ken dolls, and learn to love your body for what it is.

Don’t compare yourself

Yes, you’ve heard it before and, yes, it’s a cliché – but there’s a reason for it. Comparing yourself to others is an unhealthy habit to fall into. We’re all guilty of it, and social media makes it waaaaaay too easy to feel pants about yourself, but just remember – it’s not a true reflection of reality. Try to take what you see with a pinch of salt. If you still find yourself drowning in comparatives, break the pattern and unfollow the accounts that make you feel substandard, while following those that empower you… your mind and body will thank you in the long run.

Dress to impress…

… yourself! That’s right. Wear what makes YOU feel good, which will help give you more confidence. Whether it’s clothes, makeup or hair, you need to leave behind what others think and start doing you. Wanna wear bright orange lippy? Great, go for it! Hate wearing makeup and cba with all the fuss? Equally great, rock the au natural look. Putting yourself first in the way you look will help you make leaps and bounds in the direction of self-love and body positivity. Bottom line? Live. Your. Best. Life.

Don’t reject compliments

We find it easy to accept negative comments and own our faults, but we can’t seem to accept compliments. Well, you gotta kick that habit pronto, my friend. If someone tells you you’re looking guuuuuuurd, believe them – own it! And if you’re not sure how to accept a compliment, just say thank you… it’s that simple. For brownie points, try paying it forward and complimenting someone else – you could be making their day.

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How to curl your hair

back of girls head with wavy pink hair

Ever leave the house with fresh curls and feel like you’re in a music video as you strut down the street? We feel you – curls have that power. The only problem is, curling your hair can be quite confusing. Well, it was. We’ve put together a super easy guide that will leave you a hair curling pro in no time. Whether you prefer straighteners, tongs, or no heat at all – we’ve got you covered.

back of girls head with wavy pink hair

With curling wands

There’s a million different curling wands to choose from. They all do different things, so you can literally get the curls of your dreams. If you want tight curls, use a wand that’s smaller than an inch wide. If you want Kardashian curls, use a bigger curling wand. Basically, the bigger the wand, the bigger the curl.

Whichever curl you want, the steps are still the same (handy, right?):

1. Remove any tangles from your hair (otherwise it’s gonna be painful).

2. Split your hair into sections (no more than an inch each), from the base to the top. Secure with clips or grips.

3. Pick up a section from the bottom layer. This section should be no more than an inch wide, otherwise the heat will have less impact. Less heat = weaker curls.

4. Starting from the base, wrap your hair around the wand, working up. Curl away from your face – you don’t want to burn yourself!

5. Hold in place for 10 seconds max (remember that video of the girl who singed her hair off? Don’t be her). If you want loose curls, hold
for less.

6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the rest of your hair.

7. Gently run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls slightly – brush lightly if you want wavy curls.

8. Finish with a touch of hairspray

With hair straighteners

Usually rock straight locks like your life depends on it but wanna switch it up? Well, we have good news. You can use your trusty straighteners to create flawless curls. Here’s how:


BaByliss Ceramic Pro 230 Hair Straightener


Buy Now

1. Detangle your hair with a brush and spritz with heat protection spray.

2. Separate hair into 3 sections (no more than an inch in width) from top to bottom. Secure with clips and grips.

3. Take a section of the bottom layer (no more than an inch) and spritz with hairspray. This will help to hold the curl.

4. Clamp down on the hair (fairly near the scalp) and turn the straighteners to a 180 degree angle. Then, turn the straighteners back on themselves to the opposite 180 degree angle.

5. Work down, repeating the process, until you reach the ends of your hair. The quicker you move, the looser the curl will be.

6. Repeat for the other sections of your hair.

7. Run fingers through hair to break up curls and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

Heatless curls

If you’re a serious heat-phobe who’d rather not have heated appliances anywhere near their face - don’t worry! You can still get envious curls. Don’t believe us? Well, believe in the power of foam rollers. Not only can they give you any curl you want, but there’s no risk of damaging your luscious locks with heat.

Sold? Here’s how to use them…

Et voila! That’s how you curl your hair.

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Breaking beauty: what’s K-beauty?

collage of girls trying our K-beauty trends

K-beauty (short for Korean beauty) is, well, products and regimes inspired by South Korean trends. Right off the bat, this beauty buzz is aaaall about hydrated, natural-looking skin. If that sounds like your kinda vibe and you wanna find out more, keep reading…

Where did it come from?

Wondering where this beauty boom started? It comes straight from South Korea’s capital city, Seoul – très cosmopolitan.

Why is it different?

K-beauty uses textures and methods that are totally different from what we’re used to… such as jelly-like products and bubbling face masks. Gone are the days when doing a face mask involved lots of mess and sitting for 20 minutes unable to move your face. Thanks to K-beauty, we have sheet masks!

Why is it so popular?

First off, everyone loves a bit of novelty. When something is new, exciting and injects a bit of fun into your routine, of course it’s gonna be popular. But the main reason everyone is going mad for K-beauty is that it ain’t no quick fix – it really works. And if you keep up with a K-beauty skincare routine, you’ll defs be in for some noticeable, long-lasting benefits.

What does it involve?

Short answer? A hell of a lot! Seriously, we’re talking 10-step (at least) skincare regimes. K-beauty is all about multi-step and multi-product skincare. There’s something for every area of your face, and each product will have a light and heavy version, along with another one with bells on. Bottom line – if you’re serious about skincare, get on board with K-beauty.

Some products inspired by K-beauty

Skin Republic

Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Sheet Mask 25ml


Buy Now

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How to do a crown braid

simone powderly showing off a crown hair braid

It’s summer summer summer tiiiiime! And the last thing you want is hair all over your face. It’s hot and bothersome but can also hide your face and make you look less than fresh. Well, now the sun’s out, it’s time to get your hair off your cheeks with one of the season’s hottest hairstyles – a crown braid. You can do variations of this on any hair type, but because we know how hard curls can be in the heat, we asked influencer Simone Powderly to show us how she does it…

Section the front

Start by separating the front sections. Use the tail of a comb to section a piece (about a couple of inches wide) from your parting to the top of your ear on each side.

For girls with curls…

If you’re like Simone and have a full head of curls, give these sections a spritz of water, which will make hair easier to detangle and braid.

Double Dutch

We’re going to do a Dutch braid, which means that when you’re braiding, you need to cross the hair under the centre piece rather than over it. Take a small piece of hair from the top of one of the sections and split it into three, then begin braiding. Once you’ve crossed the hair over once or twice, begin picking up hair from the section and including it in the braid until you reach your ear. Plait the rest of the section right down to the ends. Repeat this process on the other side.

Sort the back

If you have curls, use a comb to pick at and lift your roots to get some volume back – the bigger, the better, right?! Once you’re happy, bring all of your hair back and place it in a hairband without twisting and tying your hair properly. You want to keep your hair big at the back, so you’re just using the hairband to keep it back and away from your face.

Slick to slay

You can leave your hair as is but if you wanna tidy it up, use some Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade to slick down your baby hairs.

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Get your feet island ready!

Looking for love this summer? Make sure you put your best foot forward. Feet can be a touchy subject, making summer shoes a nightmare when you don’t feel confident with your tootsies out. The simplest way to keep your feet neat and avoid sweat and smells is a daily foot care routine. So, just like this year’s Islanders get your feet island ready with Superdrug’s fabulous foot care range.


Relaxing at marina pier, horizontal


Step 1: Superdrug Foot Peeling Socks

New Superdrug foot peeling socks will leave your feet feeling instantly refreshed, softer and smoother. Specially formulated with a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) which help to hydrate the skin and have a gentle skin peeling effect from 3-5 days of use. Help your feet to feel softer and visibly healthier after just two weeks.

RRP: £9.99


Superdrug Honey and Almond Nourishing Foot Mask & Foot Socks


Buy Now


Step 2: Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Pack or Honey and Almond Foot Pack

Slip on the sock for 20 minutes before removing for effective results. Superdrug foot sock packs contain Vitamin E to help moisturise the skin. Helps to soothe and soften dry, rough and cracked heels.

RRP: £1.99



Step 3: Intensive Foot Butter

Treat your skin to plenty of care and relaxation. With natural avocado oil and shea butter for soft, smooth skin.

RRP: £4.99



Superdrug Intensive Foot Butter 150g


Buy Now


Superdrug Athletes Foot Powder 100g


Buy Now



Step 4: Superdrug Foot Powder and/or Superdrug Intensive Foot Spray

Foot powder has a drying, cooling, deodorizing and absorbent effect. Protects against sore feet. Makes skin smooth and resilient.

RRP: £3.49



Problem Areas


Ideal to use at the first sign of rubbing to prevent blisters from forming or can be used on existing blisters to relieve pain and promote healing.

RRP: £3.79




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How to mattify your skin

simone powderly showcasing mattified skin

Although we luuuurve summer, for a fair few of us, the season brings with it a constant battle with shine control. Packing on powder throughout the day and even redoing a full face of slap are common fixes, but they can be a hassle – especially when makeup starts getting cakey. That’s why we asked influencer Simone Powderly (@hairissimba) to show you a makeup routine that helps reduce shine and maximise the matte factor from the off…

Prime for perfection

Primer reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines and controls shine by mattifying the skin to give it an airbrushed finish – uh, yes please! Apply a squirt or two of e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer to the areas that get the oiliest – could be your whole face or just your T-zone. Simply rub the product in with your fingers.

e.l.f. Cosmetics e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer with Tea Tree £7.50 Buy Now

Flawless foundation

It’s time for foundation and we’re reaching straight for B. Flawless Matte Foundation. It’s specially formulated to control shine and has a medium coverage, so it won’t feel cakey in the heat. Apply in thin layers with a duo fibre brush until you’re happy with the coverage.

B. Cosmetics B. Flawless Matte Foundation W6.5 £1.99 Buy Now

Brighten and perfect

If you feel there are still a couple of areas that need perfecting, grab a matte concealer, like Revolution Conceal and Define. Its coverage is great for hiding any imperfections.

TOP TIP: When using matte makeup, your face can look a bit flat. Using a lighter concealer, like Simone does, will brighten your eyes and give your look a little more dimension.

Revolution Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer C9 £4.99 Buy Now

Powder that shine

We’re opting for Revolution Luxury Banana Powder. This will obvs set the creamier products and give a matte finish, and its ultra-fine texture will ensure you don’t end up looking cakey. Its yellow tone will also reduce any redness you might have, so this really is an all-round winner. Set your under-eye area with a concealer brush for more precision, and switch to a bigger fluffy brush to sweep over your T-zone.

Revolution Revolution Loose Banana Baking Setting Powder £5.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Concealer Makeup Brush £5.49 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Powder and Bronzer Makeup Brush £6.99 Buy Now

Maintain the matte factor

Simone’s routine should see you in good stead for the day, but – just in case – keep a pack of Superdrug Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers in your bag, to help with any on-the-go oil control. Just tear out a sheet, dab where you need it, and you’re sorted!

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Hair dyeing tips

young model with pink dyed hair peering over sunglasses

Are your roots giving the game away that you’re not a natural blonde? Or maybe you fancy a big change but don’t want to part with a small fortune at the hairdressers? Whatever the reason you’re reaching for that bottle of hair dye, don’t slap it on and hope for the best. We take you through the pro tips that’ll give you ultimate hair goals in the comfort of your own home.

group of young models with colourful hair

How to dye your hair at home like a pro

If you want salon-quality from your at-home hair dye job, then you need to a teeny bit more than the box instructions.

Upgrade your tools

You’ll never see you hairdresser applying colour from a bottle or using their fingertips – so why should you? Invest in a mixing bowl and hair dye brush so that you can whizz up the perfect shade and evenly distribute the colour.  

Target the right areas

Do you just chuck it on and hope for the best? Stop! Even if you’re applying the same colour all over, you should section your hair into 4 (2 in the front of your ears and 2 at the back) and go from the back to the front.

Also, if you’re redying your hair and only need to top up on your roots, then don’t get carried away and dye your hair from root to tip.  The ends of the hair take to colour really easily, so often when you wash off dye from your roots that’s almost enough to spread the colour to the ends!

Don’t wash and go

Time is money, we know we know. Everyone is too busy for their own good these days, but there are no shortcuts to hair dying at home unfortunately. Even if you’re time-strapped, always finish with an application of conditioner. If you skip the conditioner after dying, the colour may develop and darken as you leave your hair cuticles open. Oo-er. Moral of the story? Always use the mini conditioner in the box.

Have enough product

It might seem obvious, but always make sure you have enough hair dye for the job. There’s nothing worse than running out halfway through (please don’t spread it over and hope for the best!). If you’re going for an all-over dye job then you’re likely to need at least 2 boxes of hair colour – 3 if you have long hair – so stock up before you start slapping it on.

Don’t tie it up

When waiting for your hair colour dye to take, it’s tempting to tie back your hair so you have better view of that binge-worthy TV show, right? Wrong! Sweeping hair into a bun or pony can cause uneven colour, so always leave your hair down when the colour is developing.

How to pick the right type of hair dye

There’s a hair dye for every job, but what’s the difference between all the options? We thought you’d never ask…

young model with rose gold hair

Permanent hair dye

As the name would suggest, there’s not really much going back when you opt for a permanent colour – so you need to be committed to the shade. If you’re trialling a colour for the first time, you might want to start with a semi-permanent dye.

In a permanent hair dye kit, you’ll usually have to mix two parts together – an oxidizer and ammonia with the colouring agent – before you apply them to your hair. Permanent dyes can be more damaging to your locks as the chemicals are stronger than those used in temporary hair colours, but results will last longer.

Semi-permanent hair dye

Also referred to as temporary hair dye, semi-permanent hair dye is a lot easier to use than permanent because they don’t require any mixing, they can be used straight from the box. However, the final colour will gradually fade and they only tend to last around six weeks depending on how often you wash it. It’s also worth noting that temporary dyes don’t contain any bleach so you won’t be able to make your hair any lighter – only darker. 

Wash in, wash out dye

If you want a temporary hair colour (like a one-night-only kind of deal) then your best bet is going for a wash in wash out colour or a colour hairspray. This is perfect if you want to channel unicorn vibes on the weekend, but still need to look totes profesh come Monday in the office.


When you go to the salon for colour, odds are they are using a toner. It’s often the final process of the dying application and can make blonde tones less brassy red/brunette tones more glossy with a touch of copper. Add one into your routine at-home to get the perfect result and if you want a quick refresh in-between dying then incorporate a toner shampoo/conditioner into your haircare regime once a week. This can help maximise your colour.

Balayage / highlight kits

Want to take on one of the biggest haircare trends? Try a balayage or highlights hair kit. Find out how to balayage at home with our step-by-step tutorial.

young model with pink dyed hair peering over sunglasses

How to care for coloured hair

If you want to maximise the vibrancy and life of your new ‘do, then these top tips will help you retain your colour for longer.

  • Use a sulphate-free shampoo/conditioner to extend the life of your dyed hair as it won’t strip out the colour. And look out for hair products that are formulated specifically for dyed hair.
  • You might have heard experts harping on about how much colour can damage the hair. Well, yes it can dehydrate your locks but you can combat these effects by hydrating with intensive hair masks and leave-in conditioner treatments.
  • Try to keep your hair out of the sun as this can cause your colour to fade. So even in the peak of summer or on your hols, keep your hair protected by a sun hat or cap.
  • Calling all new redheads. When you’ve first dyed your hair, wait at least 48 hours before you wash it for the first time – this will help lock in the colour. Thereafter, try and only wash your hair up to three times a week. Red is such a vibrant colour so the more you shampoo it, the more it’ll fade. We also recommending washing with cool water – when you wash hair with water that’s too hot, it opens up the hair follicles and major colour fade happens.

How to choose the right hair colour for you

Whether you’re dying your hair for the first time or having second thoughts about that dramatic colour change, no one wants to live with hair dying regret. So, before you start mixing up your colour check out our expert tips on how to decide if a hair colour will suit you.

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