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How To Get Volume in Your Hair

Who doesn't dream of big, bouncy Hollywood worthy hair? Unless you’re a celebrity with a 24/7 glam squad achieving this yourself isn't easy. Fear not, we've put together some great tips to help you get volume hair at home.

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Massage Your Scalp

Your scalp, or more accurately your hair follicles are key to transforming your fine, limp mane into the glamourous hair of your dreams. Massaging the scalp regularly will increase blood circulation to the follicles and boost the strength of the hair roots and plump up thin hair.

Condition Before Shampooing

Conditioner should always be applied after shampoo right? Wrong! Applying a conditioner to your hair before shampooing might not be the normal routine but if you want to create volume to your hair it works. Although conditioner nourishes hair, it also weighs it down, so shampooing afterwards will remove any heavy residues left by the conditioner and leave your hair feeling clean and bouncy.

If you just can't bring yourself to apply your conditioner before your shampoo, then condition only the tips of your hair after shampooing. This will keep conditioner from weighing down hair from the roots.

Switch Your Parting

Keeping your hair styled in the same way forces it to lay flat on your scalp over time. To achieve an instant lift, switch your parting to the other side every couple of months or every time you have it cut. This will create volume and also change your look slightly.

Blow-Drying Tips

Before you blow dry your hair, spritz volumising texture spray into your locks. Tip your head upside down when hair is still wet. Blow dry your hair in this position until it is 60% dry using a big round brush, as this will redirect the roots and create extra volume. Flip your head upright and continue to blow-dry your hair, using your fingers to pick up your roots. You’ll be left with professional looking big and bouncy hair.

Get The Right Cut

Having your hair cut one length will make hair look its thickest. Too many layers will make hair look stringy. Go for something in-between. Opt for regular trims with a few layers added to your hair to create volume.

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Dry Shampoo
Freshly washed hair can often feel too silky and flat. To add volume to clean hair, use dry shampoo on your locks. Flip your head upside down and spritz some dry shampoo all over the roots. Gently rough up your hair, shaking your strands with your fingertips. This will instantly add lift to your hair.

Texture Sprays
Think dry shampoo, hairspray, sea salt spray and backcombing all in one can! Texture sprays are great because they work just as well on freshly washed hair as they do on second or third day hair. A quick spritz on your roots will instantly add lots of volume to your hair without having to backcomb. The beauty of these sprays is that they’re self-setting so once it’s been sprayed on there’s no need for hairspray.

Volumising Styling Powder

This is great for a quick volume fix to your hair. Volumising powders work by creating maximum volume at the roots as each hair strand is texturised by the powder. Simply shake the powder directly into your roots and with your fingertips, massage the powder in to create a big, volumised style.


Backcombing your hair is a sure fire way to create volume and body to even the thinnest of tresses. If done properly, it can create beautiful hold and lift but get it wrong and you could cause some serious damage to your hair. See the step by step guide on How to Backcomb Your Hair for glamorous, volumised hair.


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