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How to Backcomb Your Hair

How to backcomb hair

Take your hair to new heights with a bit of backcombing. It's a simple 5 minute trick that gives lifeless hair a bit of bounce - and much cheaper than a salon blow dry! Here’s our guide on how to give flat hair volume, and all the tips and kit you need to get started ...

How to Backcomb, Step by Step

how to backcomb hair step one

Step One

Start with either day old hair (that will naturally hold better), or hair that's been freshly washed with a volumising shampoo and conditioner.

how to backcomb hair step two

Step Two

Section the front of your hair at either side, leaving the crown and the back loose - this is where you'll be adding volume.

how to backcomb hair step three

Step Three

Take the top section of loose hair, brush through so it's smooth (you want to get rid of any existing snags and tangles) and pull up until it is taut.

how to backcomb hair step four

Step Four

Using a comb or backcombing brush, tease hair backwards from towards the root. Don’t backcomb the whole length, as you only want volume at the roots.

how to backcomb hair step five

Step Five

Repeat on the remaining loose hair.  Hold all of your backcombed hair in one hand, adding sections as you go - if you let go of backcombed sections you can quickly end up with a bird's nest!

how to backcomb hair step six

Step Six

Once you're happy with the amount of volume created, part the backcombed section back to your natural parting.  Unclip the sides of your hair and lightly comb the top to create a smooth finish,

how to backcomb hair completed look side

The Full Effect

And voila!  From flat to fab in just 5 minutes.  Fix with hairspray and pop a comb in your handbag for touch ups during the day.

Tip: If you have very straight hair, adding a few curls in the front will stop the back combed section looking too harsh.

how to backcomb hair final look from the front


For a slightly different look using backcombed hair, repeat steps 1-5 and then follow these simple steps to achieve a backcombed up-do: 


backcomb hair 6
backcomb hair 7
Backcomb hair 8
Backcomb hair 9
Backcomb hair 10
Backcomb hair 11


Looking After Backcombed Hair

1. Regularly backcombing hair damages it, so it’s important to use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner that will help repair hair and prevent split ends.

2. Don’t sleep in backcombed hairstyles – instead, brush it out before you go to bed. Work in small sections, starting at the ends and combing out tangles before moving upwards. Doing it this way is less painful and will cause less damage than if you try to drag a brush straight through it.

3. Treat hair to an intensive repair treatment or hair mask weekly to help restore moisture.

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