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How to use face gems and glitter for festival season – Superdrug
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How to use face gems and glitter for festival season

girl showing makeup look with face gems and glitter

Getting a good bit of glitter action going on is harder than it looks! You wanna achieve a grid-worthy glitter look, but you always end up looking as if a unicorn threw up on you. Sound familiar? Well, we’re here to change that. It’s all about mixing different textures of glitter and using larger face gems to frame certain areas of your face – JEEZ, who knew it could be so technical? That’s why we asked for a helping hand to show you how to create the best glitter look for festival season.

Go big or go home

A light dusting of glitter is all well and good, but this is festival season, people! It’s time to ditch the subtle approach and go all out. A great way to do this is by incorporating face gems. If you decide to use bigger jewels, make sure you apply them first. We chose the gorgeous Barry M Face Jewels in Dream Queen and followed the diagram in the pack. Apply the side pieces just above your eyebrow arches and stick the centre piece between your eyebrows. This will frame your face and make the end result look really profesh.

Next-level highlight

We’re all familiar with a dusting of highlight over our cheekbones, but with this look we want to achieve more than a natural glow. Squeeze a little PaintGlow Unicorn Glitter Body Gel in Gold Digger onto the back of your hand, then use your finger to apply the product with dabbing motions onto to your cheekbones and around the sides of your eyes. We also put some in the spaces between the chunkier jewels, to tie the look together.

Stay and slay all day

Now for the finer stuff. To get it to stay in place all day, we need to lay down a sturdy base. Use Barry M Glitter Fixer Gel on a cotton bud to paint an upside-down triangle with the product just under your eyes. Think glitter tears…

Blue base

To make this area pop with blue colour, we used super-pigmented Bleach London Glitterati in Washed Up Mermaid. Take some of the product and carefully pack it on top of the glitter glue. We used our fingers, but you can use a makeup brush if you prefer.

Finishing touch

We finished off by applying some chunkier blue glitter under the eyes to add some dimension to the look. We chose Superdrug Fantasy Queen of Darkness Hair Glitter Pot in Blue and used a cotton bud to apply it, to give you more control and stop you going OTT.

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