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How to: Evening Red Eyeshadow – Superdrug
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How to: Evening Red Eyeshadow

red eyeshadow

If you would like to take a break from the usual dark smokey eye, go for a vampy evening matte red eyeshadow look.  Follow these quick and easy steps and rock this vibrant colour in no time.

What Will I Need to Get the Evening Red Eyeshadow Look?

  • Primer or concealer
  • White and nude eyeshadow
  • Burgundy and coral eyeshadow – a versatile palette with nudes and reds will work perfectly
  • Your favourite eyeshadow brushes
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara

Step 1: Apply primer or nude concealer all over your eye lids

red eyeshadow

To make sure you maximise your eyeshadow’s staying power, apply a primer or concealer. Doing so will also intensify the colours you’re going for.

Step 2: Go for a nude eyeshadow shade first

red eyeshadow

As a base shade, go for a nude colour. This will allow you to build up colour and intensity.

Step 3: Apply a darker burgundy shade to your crease and blend

red eyeshadow

To add definition to the look, apply a burgundy shade to your crease and blend the colour in using a fluffy, soft brush.

Step 4: Add a darker shade in the outer corner of your eye

red eyeshadow

Go for drama and apply a darker shade to the outer corner of your eye. Blend both shades for a truly seamless transition.

Step 5: Go for a pop of red in the middle of your crease

red eyeshadow

To make your eyes really stand out, add a punchy red shade to the middle of your crease. Once again, make sure the red eyeshadow colour is blended with a fluffy brush.

Step 6: Press on the white eyeshadow

red eyeshadow

Press white eyeshadow into the inner corners of your eyes. Quick Tip:  Wet your brush to add intensity to the colour.

Step 7: Go for a subtle cat eye flick

red eyeshadow

Add the wow factor to this look by going for a thin but defined cat eye flick using liquid eyeliner.

Step 8: Don’t forget the lower lash line!

red eyeshadow

Tie the look together by going over your lower lash line with the same eyeshadow hue. After that, just like with the upper lid, add a white shade to the inner corners. Finish by highlighting the brow bone.

Step 9: Complete the look with mascara or false lashes

red eyeshadow

Depending on how dramatic you’d like the look to be, finish off with mascara or add extra oomph by applying your favourite false eyelashes.

Hello gorgeous!

red eyeshadow

Enjoy your evening red eyeshadow look!

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