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How to Apply Fake Nails – Superdrug
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How to Apply Fake Nails

fake nails

If growing your nails long is a challenge you're unable to commit to - now you can. Applying fake nails at home is quick and easy, giving you a neat, manicured finish that you can be bold with.

fake nails
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Steps to Apply Fake Nails

fake nails

Step 1 - Remove any previous polish

First you must ensure that all traces of previous polish are removed from your nails. Any uneven surface will cause the artificial nails to fall off easily.

fake nails

Step 2 - Soak your nails

Soak your nails in warm water for approximately 5 -10 minutes. This will soften your nail beds and the skin surrounding your nails.

fake nails

Step 3 - Neaten your nails

Your skin will now be soft and less stubborn. Next, using a cuticle stick push the hanging skin down to expand the surface of the nails. The warm water will also be numbing so this stage will not be painful.

fake nails

Step 4 - Cut your nails

Cut your nails down as short as they will go using nail clippers / scissors. This will prevent them from growing outside the fake nails as quickly, keeping them neater and fresher looking for longer.

fake nails

Step 5 - File your nails

File your nails so that they are rounded, not squared. This will further ensure that no nail is on show when the fake nail is applied.

fake nails

Step 6 - Pick your nail size

You now have a hygienic, dry surface to begin applying your fake nails. Compare the fake nails against your natural nails to ensure you have the right size for each. 

fake nails

Step 7 - Secure in place

Add a few drops of nail glue to the lower half of the fake nail. Avoid applying it to the top half as it is likely this section will be cut off once you style and shape your fake nails.

fake nails

Step 8 - Hold in place

Press and hold the nail down for 10 seconds. It is important you are precise with your positioning so that your nails are straight.

Once all have been applied you can gently file if the shape into your preferred shape.

fake nails

Step 9 - Add a pop of colour

Now it is time for you to be creative. Pick any colour polish and paint your fake nails. You can remove and paint nail polish as you would your normal nail. Add a clear gloss to create a salon manicured look.

fake nails

Step 10 - The end result!

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