We caught up with Capital FM presenter and DJ Marvin Humes to get the low-down on all things grooming and fitness…

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How important is looking good to you?

I work in an industry where it’s important to keep on top of your appearance. You’re constantly in the public eye, so it’s important to me because it’s part of my job.

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Have you ever borrowed any of Rochelle’s beauty products?

Yeah (laughs), her tweezers. And it’s not always for my eyebrows! It’s for when I get an ingrown hair. I normally get them in my neck from shaving. So, yeah, you’ll find me rummaging in Roch’s makeup bag trying to find her tweezers. Maybe next time I’m in Superdrug I’ll buy my own!

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Do you have a skincare regime?

I’ve been really lucky, and my skin has always been really clear. I mostly just use water. But I like a bit of moisturiser, an exfoliator and a nice aftershave. 

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And do you have the same relaxed regime for your hair?

Now my hair is a different story. I’m trying to hold on to as much of it as I can! I’ve got two kids now and it’s getting a bit thinner on top, so I go for the shorter look. My barber comes to me once a week at home. Is that weird? It’s a really sharp cut, so it needs to be kept really slick.   

Is it hard to stay in shape while juggling being a dad and a husband and having a busy career? We saw you working your guns on your Insta story this morning...

It was shoulders, actually… My main work is at night on Capital radio and DJing in clubs, so if I’m not crazy hectic and I’ve got time off in the morning, I’ll train then. Our trainer comes to us – he trains Roch, too. It’s great for feeling good and looking good. If you don’t train, your body can feel lazy and lethargic, and it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. When I’m training, all the endorphins give me so much energy, even though I’m knackered straight after a session. I train at least three times a week. I run with Rochelle sometimes as well. It’s important for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Who is your biggest man crush?

Well, we’ve gotta talk about boxing champ AJ aka Anthony Joshua. He’s a machine of a man. As someone who goes to the gym, I can appreciate how hard he works to get into the shape he’s in. And he’s not a bad-looking chap either, is he? He’s smashing it at the minute, and I can tell why he’s extremely popular.

What do you think is the biggest grooming faux pas for men?

Eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made the mistake when I was a big fan of Kriss Kross (the one who sang Jump! Jump!). I cut slits in my brows like he had. I’ve had my eyebrows waxed before, and I’m not a fan. All I’d say is, if you’re gonna groom your eyebrows, don’t butcher them.

What are your top shaving tips?

I wet shave, so it’s important that I shave downwards, going with the grain and following the hair. If I shave up and go against the grain, I get spots and ingrown hairs. It’s doesn’t give as clean a shave, but I’d rather that than having bumps and rashes.

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What’s the best grooming secret you learnt from your dad?

All guys will appreciate this one. It’s all about talcum powder. It’s very useful.

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You’re very well put together. What advice would you give guys who are scared of the beauty aisle?

It’s 2018, man. It really isn’t that big a deal. If you want a bit of moisturiser, exfoliator, a pair of tweezers or even some foundation, it’s fine. Just crack on and look after yourself.