Applying lip liner is one of the trickiest things to do within your makeup routine. Sometimes it takes more than one go to get that perfect line. Follow our quick and easy steps to master the skill in no time.

Before You Line Your Lips

Step 1 – The Night Before

Making sure your lips are prepared for lipstick and lip liner can start as early as the night before. If have a nourishing, moisturising lip mask, put it on before you sleep. This is especially important if you have slightly damaged lips.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

Prepping your lips is key as it makes lip liner and lipstick stay on for longer. With a soft toothbrush and lip balm, gently exfoliate your lips, taking all the flakes and dead skin off.

Step 3 – Balm or Primer

To prolong the durability of the lip liner and lipstick apply balm, moisturiser or primer. Wait until your lips absorb the moisture.

Step 4 – Choosing Your Lip Liner Shade

If you are looking for your first lip liner, go for a versatile nude shade. You will be able to wear it with natural or pink shades. To continue your lip liner collection, go for a burgundy tone which can work universally with all darker lipstick shades.

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How to Line Your Lips

Step 1 – Time to Line the Upper Lip

Start lining your top lip with short strokes following your natural lip line.

If you keep your strokes short, you are likely to avoid harsh crooked lines.

If you find lining the cupid’s bow tricky, simply draw an X shape from your inner lip and follow along the line.

Lip liner
Lip liner

Step 2 – Bottom Line

Repeat the short strokes on your bottom lip, following your natural lip line. If you are keen on visually volumising your lips, use your natural line as a guide on where you can go outside of.

For voluminous yet natural looking lips, pencil your lips outside of your natural line only at the center of your lip, and then join your natural lip line towards the corners.

Step 3 – Filling it in

To make sure there isn’t a harsh difference between your lip liner and your lipstick, fill in the lip with the liner.

Step 4 – Lipstick

The next layer on your lips should be lipstick. To make it easier to draw within the lines, apply lipstick with a brush.

Step 5 – Lip Gloss

To visually make your lips look bigger, apply lip gloss only to the top of your lip and to the centre on the bottom lip. If you are keen on making your lips look more voluminous, check our top tips for naturally plumper lips.

Lip liner