Rainbows at the ready, everyone! Superdrug is teaming up with Salih Cikikcioglu (aka Eyebrow King) to bring you a series of mini-documentaries. starting with 'Meet the Beauty Boys.' So get your walking shoes on, because we're going out and about to explore issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. This will also mark the start of the Superdrug Beauty Without Bias campaign – because why should beauty have boundaries?

Meet Salih

If you’ve never paid a visit to Salih’s World, where have you been? Salih started this channel in 2012 and over the last four years has gained 58k followers on YouTube and 313k on Instagram. Those are some big numbers, and for good reason. He may be known as the Eyebrow King – he’s legit the definition of ‘brow game on fleek’ – but he’s also a pretty powerful voice in the LGBTQ+ community. Since making the video about his Gay And Muslim Coming Out Story (which has seen a whopping 347k views), he’s talked about everything from being gay to beauty looks – and now he’s joining us to help explore the issues affecting those in the LGBTQ+ community.

‘I’m so excited to be part of this project and to explore different issues affecting the LGBT community. I’m learning so much, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve found out with the viewers.’ We can’t wait either, Salih!


The Project

Between now and June, five mini-documentaries – presented by Salih – will be going live on the Superdrug YouTube channel (superdrugloves). Each one will address a different topic. From meeting other beauty boys to find out how they battle adversity to learning more about safer sex in the community and educating himself on trans issues, Salih’s donning his Sherlock’s hat and hoping to stamp out some stigma in the process.

Exciting, right? Well, watch this space. And if you want to get involved in your local Pride celebrations, watch the series of makeup tutorials that will be going live on the Superdrug YouTube channel in coming months to give you some inspo. They’re fun, they’re bold and, yes, there will be rainbows! 


The facts

When will you see ‘em? Two mini-documentaries will be going live in March followed by one each month in the run up to Pride.

Where can you find ‘em? They’ll be uploaded to Superdrug’s YouTube channel so keep your eyes peeled for all things Pride.

How can you get involved? Make sure you’re subscribed to Superdrug’s YouTube channel so you catch every instalment and follow our Instagram to keep up to date with all things Pride. Don’t forget to show Salih some support as well! Subscribe to his YouTube channel Salih’s World and follow him on Insta @salihsworld. Get chatting and share YOUR stories with the hashtag #beautywithoutbias.

#2 Meet the trans role models

#3 Safer sex in the LGBTQ+ community

#4 Body image in the LGBTQ+ community

#5 Finding Support in the LGBTQ+ Community