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How to double cleanse – Superdrug
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How to double cleanse

Whether you struggle with spots, oily skin or just like to wear a lot of makeup, it might be time to add double cleansing to your daily routine. We asked DARE’s editor, Tory Frost to show us the benefits of double cleansing and give her top tips on how to get super-clean skin. Your face is worth an extra minute or two, so give it a go – we promise you’ll never look back.

What is double cleansing

Double cleansing is just that – cleansing your skin twice. If you factor in everything your skin goes through every day, it makes sense to give it extra attention. If you wear loads of makeup, live in a city or are prone to breakouts, double cleansing will improve your skin. The key is using the right product for each stage…

Stage 1: Get it all off

This is the time to get all the grime off your skin – makeup, pollutants, SPF… For this stage, you’ll need a thicker, heavy-duty cleanser, which can break down everything you don’t want on your skin. An oil or balm cleanser is your best bet, and Tory recommends B. Pure Micellar Oil. Rub it over all your makeup and keep going until you can feel your makeup has loosened up. Once you’re done, rinse your face with warm water, which will turn the oil into a milky texture on your skin; keep splashing until everything’s removed. For a more thorough cleanse, Tory’s tip is to use a flannel or muslin cloth (see our suggestions below) soaked in warm water to wipe away the nastiness. The fabric will retain heat, and the steam will open pores and help give your skin a deeper cleanse.  

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Stage 2: Squeaky-clean skin

Now you’ve got rid of all the grime, it’s time to give your skin its own special treatment. For this stage, you’ll need a lighter cream cleanser, which is really gonna help your skin look its best. Tory’s pick is Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser, which contains fruit enzymes and comes with a muslin cloth for thorough cleansing. These two stages will really help brighten your skin and achieve that glow-from-within look that we’re all lusting after.

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Tory’s top tips

  1. If you opt for a muslin cloth, make sure it’s clean. When you’ve finished cleansing, rinse out your cloth thoroughly, then soak it in boiling water to sterilise it.
  2. Listen to your skin! There are no rules to say you have to stick to a certain product every day. If your skin is particularly dry one day, use something moisturising like Creamy Foam Hydrating Cleanser. Or if your hormones are wreaking havoc and you’re having a mare with oily skin, cleanse with a product that contains glycolic acid. B. Revealed Glycolic Cleanser is a skin saviour for times like these.
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