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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Eyebrows – Superdrug
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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

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Eyebrows are like picture frames (bear with us here!), you only notice them if they’re mismatched or slightly off-kilter. But get them right and it makes all the difference; perfectly groomed brows add structure and character to the face (and the fuller the brow, the more youthful your face will look!). Here’s everything you need to know about getting perfect arches...

Eyebrow threading


This is a popular method if you want a super-sharp arch. (However, if you have a low-pain threshold, you might want to steer clear!) This technique uses a piece of thread and removes hairs in lines, including all the super-fine ones that tend to be missed when waxing or plucking. The results are slightly more precise than waxing, creating a more natural finish because your therapist will be working closely with individual hairs.


This is both a quick way to achieve neat brows and with way less ‘ouch’ factor than threading. It can be done at home using wax or eyebrow shapers, but it’s best done professionally. Waxed brows look super-defined, with sharp, clean lines. Ideal if you have thick, coarse hair, it’s not recommended for sensitive skin types as it tugs at the skin and leaves a temporary red ring around the brows.

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When it comes to creating a brow shape, professional waxing or threading are good options to start with, so you have a rough guide when it comes to maintaining them with tweezers. But if you’re allergic to wax or if you find threading too painful, plucking is your next best option.

To keep your brows looking groomed but natural, follow the natural arch of your brow, only plucking stray hairs that fall above or below it. If you’re plucking a monobrow, take a pencil and rest it vertically against the bridge of your nose – this is where your brow should naturally start, so don’t pluck behind the pencil! Another good tip is to alternate between each brow whilst plucking, so both brows stay even (and one isn’t thinner than the other).

There are two different types of tweezers…

These are the most popular option. They have an angled edge, so they can easily grab any tiny stubborn hairs.

These are good for removing extra-fine or ingrown hairs. Steer clear of them if you’re a beginner though, as the sharp points can easily cut the skin if you’re not used to using them.

Defining Your Brows

Brow hairs are fragile so-and-sos and can fall out easily, so make sure you’re gentle when you come to defining them. A tip? Start half a centimetre in from where your brow begins, so you have a natural looking fade and the brow doesn’t look blocky and drawn on.

With pencil Choose a shade lighter than your natural colour and draw fine, hair-like strokes in the gaps rather than block-colouring them.

With pen This is an ideal option for thinner brows, as the light brush nib softly adds colour without tugging on those delicate brow hairs.

With gel An eyebrow gel is a quick, easy option for taming unruly or curly brows. Gels are tinted or clear and come with a little brush, which you comb through brows for instant definition.

With powder Like with a brow pen, powder is super soft and less likely to snag. Gently dust this through your brows for natural-looking definition.

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Choosing Your Perfect Brow Shade

If you’ve got dark hair, the key to keeping your eyebrows looking natural is to go one or two shades lighter, whether it’s dyed or natural. For light hair, you do the opposite, going one or two shades darker.

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