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Revolution Have Released Their Best Ever Concealer! – Superdrug
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Revolution Have Released Their Best Ever Concealer!

First, we were blessed with Revolution's Conceal & Define foundation and their legendary concealer and TBH, we were living our absolute best lives.  But now, Revolution have gone and blown themselves out of the water with the release of their Conceal & Define Infinite Concealer and we think it’s their best yet!

So, we’re here to share the low-down on the concealer that’s got everyone talking…

Let’s Talk Shade Range

Nowadays, it’s simply not good enough to have a weak shade range, after all skin tone is so unique to everyone.

Revolution have not just heard and taken note of the demands of the beauty community, they’ve completely gone IN with their shade range! The Infinite Concealer comes in a whopping SIXTY shades! Yes, six-zero! We’ll just let you digest that for a moment…

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What’s The Coverage Like?

It’s uh-mazing, obviously! Fans of Revolution's Conceal and Define range will know that they nailed it when it comes to coverage. However, the Infinite Concealer promises 20% more coverage than the previous formula, so it really is EVEN better than before!

How Does it Look on The Skin?

For a beautiful, matte looking complexion, the Infinite Concealer is the one for you. It blends into the skin like an absolute dream and boast a breathable and crease-free formula. Plus, it’s infused with blemish-busting, pore-refining niacinamide – a type of vitamin B3 that works wonders for your skin.

Will it Last All Day?

Yes! It’s as simple as that. The Infinite Concealer is basically the definition of ‘long-wear’ as the formula lasts an incredible 16-hours! That covers your daily commute, a long-ol’ day in the office and a cheeky cocktail after work – pretty impressive, right?

Revolution Revolution Infinite Concealer C3 £6.00 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Infinite Concealer C11.5 £6.00 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Infinite Concealer C17.5 £6.00 Buy Now

Revolution’s Infinite Concealer Roundup

So, just in case we didn’t quite get across how amazing this concealer is, here are all its benefits once again at a glance and a few more thrown in for good measure:

  • Available in 60 shades (with 29 of those available in XL size)
  • 20% more coverage than before
  • 16-hour wear
  • Breathable formula
  • Crease-proof
  • Contains skin-loving niacinamide

And last but not least, it’s also vegan-friendly and cruelty free too!

Woah, while we have a little lay down after all this excitement, why don’t you head to Superdrug to find your perfect shade?

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