EX1 cosmetics at the Oscars

Joaquin Phoenix owned the red carpet at the 92nd Academy Awards, ahead of picking up his first Oscar win for his epic performance in the critically-acclaimed “Joker” movie.  And it wasn’t just his acceptance speech that got everyone talking!

Rocking his own brand of sartorial style, the American actor’s skin radiated golden warmth courtesy of make-up brand-of-the-moment, EX1 Cosmetics. And here we can exclusively reveal exactly how this Oscar-winner got his skin looking so naturally luminous.


The Oscar-Winning Look

Groomer to the stars David Cox describes for the very first time how he helped Joaquin achieve his Oscar-winning look – and it’s all down to lightweight, natural looking formulas and a perfect colour match.

“For the Oscars Joaquin likes his skin to look very natural with as little fuss as possible.

He naturally has very good skin so he does not need a foundation but only a moisturizer and a good smooth textured concealer to cover any blemishes and dark areas.

I like the concealer to have a nice smooth finish and great cover up without taking all his natural blemishes away, rather I like to soften them…

I use 3.0 and a small amount of 4.0 EX1 Delete Fluide Concealer as it gives my application a perfect color match and a nice smooth moisturized finish. To finish the look I use this great powder, EX1 Invisiwear in 4.0 which perfectly complements the concealer and leaves the skin with a perfect sheen. The look is very natural and healthy.”

EX1 Cosmetics behind the scenes at the Oscars

He Who Wears It, Wins It – The EX1 Superstar Glow

It’s not the first time an Oscar winner has chosen EX1 to give them that flawless finish.

Back in February 2019, it was Rami Malek who stepped into the Awards spotlight, nabbing the Best Actor Oscar for his stellar turn as Freddie Mercury in the plaudits-a-plenty biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

And he also nailed his radiant red carpet look with the help of EX1 Cosmetics Concealer and Compact Powder.

So just what is it about this magic make-up that gets these award-winning celebs and their stylists so excited?

EX1 founder and biochemist Farah Naz explains, “EX1 Cosmetics was built on the ethos of delivering the perfect skin colour match for olive undertoned skin (all of our make-up products are created with a focus on golden/yellow pigments to match these undertones).

I spent 2 years personally developing our unique formulas with the world’s leading labs, making sure that not only were the colours and pigments on point, but that the consistency and applications of each product delivered the best performance and comfortable wear.

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As we’ve grown, more and more celeb makeup artists have reached out to us to use our products on their clients because not only do they perfectly match, they wear so well under the spotlight and add that natural glow that is so sought after. Even if you don’t have olive undertones, our foundations, concealers and powders will add subtle golden warmth to your look. So, if you find your base makeup is always a little too orange or too pink, give EX1 a try!”

And there you have it. Perfect colour match. Check. Great coverage & natural glow. Check. Loved by the stars. Check.

If it’s good enough for Joaquin and Rami (and Adele, Margot Robbie, Hayley Bieber and a zillion others), it’s good enough for us!