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Your Lashes will Love L’Oreal’s NEW Air Volume Mega Mascara – Superdrug
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Your Lashes will Love L’Oreal’s NEW Air Volume Mega Mascara

Katherine Langford for L'Oreal Air Volume Mascara

If you thought long, luscious lashes meant heavy layers of mascara then think again! L’Oreal Paris is blowing away the rules when it comes to voluminous lashes with their new Air Volume Mega Mascara!

Now available at Superdrug, here’s everything you need to know about the latest mascara must-have to hit our shelves!

L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris Air Volume Mega Mascara 01 Black £10.99 Buy Now

Game Changing Formula

Forget everything you already know about mascara because L’Oreal Paris is here to mix things up! The Air Volume Mega Mascara uses air volume technology to create a creamy whipped texture (the very first for L’Oreal Paris) that expands on lashes for up to 10x more impact than your natural lashes!

Due to the whipped texture of the mascara, there are no chances of lumps or clumps forming on your lashes when you are applying it either. For best results, give your lashes two generous coats and witness length and lift appear before your very eyes with up to 24-hours of flake and smudge freehold!

L'Oreal Paris Air volume mascara before and after

All About the Brush

To create big beautiful lashes, you need a wand to match and this one does not disappoint! The large bristle brush coats every single lash with the air volume technology, leaving your lashes feeling super soft and looking amazing.

Mascara Must-Have

The Air Volume Mega Mascara is too good to miss out on, which is why L’Oreal Paris has ensured it is suitable for as many people as possible. It works wonders on a variety of different lashes including sparse, short, unruly or straight! Plus, the gentle, hypoallergic formula has been allergy-tested, so even those with sensitive eyes can marvel at this incredible mascara!

L'Oreal Paris Air Volume air technology

Air Volume Mega Masara: 101

Here’s a quick recap on everything you need to know:

  • Buildable, mega volume that is light as air
  • L’Oreal’s first ever whipped texture mascara
  • Up to 10x more volume than your natural lashes
  • Up to 24-hour hold
  • Smudge & flake-free formula
  • It does not clump
  • Creamy application
  • Hypoallergenic

Voluminous, mega lashes are just a few coats away! The L’Oreal Paris Air Volume Mascara is available now online (click the link below) or you can pick it up in select stores.

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