liquid lipstick

Are you feeling bold and daring? Then it’s time to go for a new liquid lipstick shade. Move over the usual nudes and reds, we’re ready for pastels, blues and purples. Find the perfect colour here for your adventurous side.

liquid lipstick

The Pastel Liquid Lipstick Tone

You may have tried using a pastel shade on your eyes or on your hair. But have you tried going for an unusual pastel hue on your lips?

Paired with a matte complexion, emphasized pink cheeks and a really striking, bold outfit choice, a pastel liquid lipstick will earn you some serious style points.

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The Mermaid Liquid Lipstick Hue

Whoever said mermaids weren’t real probably didn’t have the right lipstick shade. If you are keen on a really adventurous colour, go for an unusual blue hue that is sure to make those heads turn.

The amazing thing about liquid lipsticks is their staying power once they are completely dry (you can find out more in our guide to long-lasting lipstick). This means the mermaid-like shade will stay on your pout and not budge, which makes it a pretty fuss-free option.

The Deep Purple Liquid Lipstick Shade

If you are looking for a colour that will change your entire makeup look with a single application, look no further than a rich, deep purple tone.

This liquid lipstick tone is perfect for adding drama to an evening look, and is equally fantastic when you are keen on giving an edge to barely-there day makeup.

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The Grunge Brown Liquid Lipstick Colour

If you are a fan of the 90s, you will love wearing a brown liquid lipstick. This warm chocolate tone is dark, daring and can work to embellish your day or night looks.

Pair this shade with dark eye makeup when you are off to a party or with a bare face and natural, thick eye brows when you are out and about.

The Dark Metallic Liquid Lipstick

Glamorous sparkles are found in much more than just jewellery these days – and this includes liquid lipstick.

To add true opulence to your finished look, embellish your lips with dark metallic shades. If you are feeling particularly adventurous – go all out with a metallic black!