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Find the Perfect Mascara

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Eyelashes are by no means the same on every individual and that goes for mascaras too. When it comes to mascara the three most important factors are the wand, formula and shade. Each of these will give you a slightly different effect and also style eyelashes differently. Let's break down each one for you starting with the wand.

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The Magic Trio

Mascara Wand

Each mascara wand is completely different from the next as it serves a specific purpose to the type of lashes you have and also the look you’re aiming to achieve. Some women want long and full lashes whereas others might prefer super curls, what ever your preference there's a wand out there for you.


When it comes to formulas the main difference is either regular, water soluble and water-based formulas or waterproof mascaras. The first are made from a mix of polymers, waxes and pigments which as the name suggests are will absorb moisture or water when they come into contact. The latter is a life saver in extremely humid or wet conditions, waterproof formulas contain little to no water which helps to stop them from running.

Another thing to consider with formulas is the consistency which will be either wet or creamy. Wet formulas are thinner and therefore spread more easily whereas creamy formulas are great for building volume.


Mascaras vary in colour, from blue to brown to the blackest black. The main thing to bear in mind are colour combinations, for example dark green and bronze mascara works really well with blue eyes - so choose wisely to accentuate your features.

Before Anything – Prime Those Lashes

A lash primer works wonders if you’re looking for extra length, thickness and growth to your eyelashes. The primer is applied to your lashes as a base layer before any mascara is used. Primers coat, condition and soften your lashes, as well as helping mascara stick better to your eyelashes creating added volume and length. Use a primer for that added wow factor!

For Short Lashes

If you have short lashes and want to maximise them, the first thing you should do is use an eyelash curler before any mascara is applied. Eyelash curlers will curl your eyelashes up and actually make them appear longer than they are.

Mascara Wand

In terms of choosing a mascara, go for a lengthening mascara that has a short wand with thick bristles. This will allow maximum styling and enable you to apply an even coat to your lashes from root to tip for longer length and high definition.



Mascara formulas with plenty of polymers and fiber ingredients are great for short lashes. To create a darker look you should choose a wet formula, while wax-rich formulas will thicken your lashes and give more of a voluminous effect.


Dark brown and black shades are best for adding length, but be careful not to go too dark when choosing your shade if you have blonde or red hair.

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For Thickening Sparse Lashes

As women age, lashes can become quite thin and sparse. If you’re looking to create extra volume and thickness to your sparse looking lashes, a mascara wand which is large, round and packed with bristles is your go to. The thickness of the brush will mean that you will be able to get full coverage and length which doesn’t clump, creating a much bolder look for your lashes.


If you’re looking for a mascara that spreads easily across your lashes then a wet or creamy consistency is ideal, but it’s worth remembering that these can take longer to dry. From a styling point of view, they’re fantastic as you can keep adding layers and volume to your lashes.


Dark brown and black shades of mascara are most effective for thickening, but again, be careful not to go too dark if your natural hair colour is light. If you want your mascara to stay put and keep your lashes looking thicker for longer, it might be worth buying from the waterproof variety rather than the water soluble type.

Waterproof mascaras contain highly processed formulas that stop them from smudging, which is handy in the summer months when make-up has a tendency to melt quickly.

For Curlier Lashes

Some women’s lashes grow straight, which leaves them looking almost invisible.

Mascara Wand

For lashes that curl, a curved brush is ideal as it will lift and create curl to your lashes much more effectively than a straight brush would. A wand with a curved brush mimics the natural arc of eyelashes and will therefore give easier allover application .


Start by sweeping the mascara wand from the top side of your lashes, following the curve of your eyelid to achieve a curling effect. After two coats of mascara, use your fingers to push back your lashes for an even, longer lasting curl which will hold throughout the day.


For Longer Lashes

If it’s length you’re looking for then a long comb brush is ideal.

Mascara Wand

This wand will have short bristles that are spaced out in order to lengthen the lashes without over coating them. This type of wand will also create more natural looking lashes as it won’t clump due to the nature of the comb. You’ll be able to glide the comb through your lashes, separating each lash with every glide and removing any excess mascara for a natural finish.


If your lashes are naturally long, it’s better to go for a mascara with a slightly drier formula such as a powder rather than a creamy or wet consistency.


You might also want to choose a light brown or dark brown shade rather than black as this will stop your eyelashes from looking overly long and clumpy.

For Reaching Every Lash

The Spherical wand looks like a small ball on the end of the mascara wand.

It’s great for reaching every lash on your eyelash line, as its unique shape is able to coat each lash from the larger lashes to the tiny lashes in the corner of your eyes, leaving you with a wide-eyed, refined finish.

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For Natural Lashes

The classic tubular spiral mascara wand has moderately spaced bristles on the brush, allowing you to achieve a more natural look.

It’s suitable for all lash types and also coats all lashes, making your eyes look much bigger.

For Lower Lashes

If you love emphasising your bottom lashes as much as your top lashes then a bottom lash mascara wand is perfect for defining the lower lashes.


The mini brush with defined bristles is great for catching every lash on the bottom lashes without clumping or getting any mascara on your skin.

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