Going to bed with a full face on is the ultimate makeup crime. Starting the day without moisturiser is the ultimate skincare crime. And not protecting your locks against heat is the ultimate hair crime. *gulp* We bet you’re looking guilty as charged on that third unwritten law!   

Make sure you never break it again by stocking up on the best heat protection spray that’ll not only provide the perfect shield against your straighteners but will also tackle other hair concerns too. Just call us the beauty police…

Best heat protection spray

Best Heat Protection Spray for Knotty, Tangled Hair

Even if you’ve used an ultra-smoothing conditioner or hair mask in the shower, you can sometimes hit knot city when it comes to styling. While your towel turban might be to blame in part for the tangles, there is hope in the form of a hair hybrid. Opt for a heat protection spray that also doubles as a detangler.


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Best Heat Protection Spray for Flat, Fine Hair

It’s a common misconception that heat protection products are more about the shine and less about the volume. But, odds are you’re probably reaching for a heat protection serum and not a spray. If you’ve got fine, lifeless hair and want to add a little extra oomph to your blow dry, then opt for a volumising two-in-one spray.

Best Heat Protection Spray for Frizzy Hair

Keep that frizzy ‘fro under control by choosing a spray infused with soothing ingredients. John Freda’s signature Frizz-Ease range is renowned for taming even the wildest of locks. This heat defence spray is packed with the brand’s ThermaGuard® Complex as well as jojoba oil which will replenish moisture in each strand for a glossy finish.

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Best Heat Protection Spray for Lacklustre Hair

Whether you’re applying heat to achieve poker straight locks or tight 80s-inspired curls, we're sure all that extra effort is to add some ‘wow’ to your look. And you won’t achieve that striking hairstyle unless you add a little extra shine!