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Get the glow with NEW B. Bronzing range

B, Bronzing by Superdrug range on a pink backgroud

Calling all wannabe bronzed babes! Do you want a holiday-worthy tan without the travel expenses? We’ve got just what you need! Introducing the new vegan and cruelty-free B. Bronzing range!

The easy to apply, purse friendly, long-lasting, streak-free collection (that’s a lot of pro’s!) is now available at Superdrug and we’re here to give you the glow-down on the only tanning products you’ll need this summer when it comes to being your best bronzed self!

B. Bronzing full range

B. Bronzing Tan Eraser Mousse

The perfect tan is all in the prep. A patchy, streaky tan will not go with that new bikini you’re dying to get into around the pool! The B. Bronzing Tan Eraser Mousse leaves you with a fresh base, and totally removes any stubborn traces of older fake tan -  leaving you ready to apply our other B. Bronzing products.

B. Bronzing Mousse

Get set for a summer of endless compliments about your tan with our B. Bronzing Mousses. Available in both ‘Bronze’ and ‘Sunkissed’ colours, it’s beyond simple to use and the results are gorge!

The lightweight formulation provides a long-lasting, streak-free, transfer-resistant glow in 4-6 hours and it boasts a fresh, coconut scent! (No biscuity fake-tan smell here!)

B. Bronzing Golden Mist

Shimmy your gorgeous self into summer with a dazzling sparkle in tow! The super-hydrating B. Bronzing Golden Mist is the perfect finishing touch to layer over the top of our B. Bronzing lotions and mousses. Get… set… SPARKLE!

B. Bronxing tanning mousse and golden mist

B. Bronzing Golden Facial Drops

No time for an all-over body bronzing session, but still want to get that glow? Sure! Simply put a few drops of the B. Bronzing Golden Facial Drops into your moisturiser for a tailor-made tan for just your face and neck. A lovely, subtle glow from day one!

B. Bronzing Gradual Tan Lotion

Build up an enviable tan with the B. Bronzing Gradual Bronzing Lotion. The lightweight formula is easy to apply, it will not transfer (so your bed sheets are safe), there’s no need to wash it off and guess what? There’s not a streak in sight!


B. Bronzing lotion with model

B. Bronzing Pre-Shower Tan

Last minute hot date? Or spontaneous girls’ night on the cards? But no time to use our B. Bronzing gradual mousses or lotions? No worries, we got you! The B. Bronzing Pre-Shower Tan is a quick, fuss-free way to achieve a natural looking, radiant summer glow! Simply apply to exfoliated skin, leave for 10 minutes to develop before hopping in the shower to wash off and reveal that beach beautiful glow!

B. Bronzing Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt

And finally, would the perfect tan be possible without your trusty mitt? Nope! Say no to patchy hands and hello to easy application, seamless coverage and minimal mess with the B. Velvet Tanning Mitt.

There we have it! The new, full B. Bronzing range by Superdrug! Go and get that glow!

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The Ultimate Guide to Fake Tan

Flat lay of fake tan products

Want to look like you’ve just spent a week in a sun-drenched villa but the British weather’s killing your vibe? You’re not alone. The forecast is about as trust-worthy as that guy at a party who busts out his guitar to play Wonderwall. You know the one. Luckily, we can help you get your golden glow on without relying on any rays of sunshine, or musicians for that matter. 

Flat lay of tanning lotion, fake tan mousse and instant fake tan

Different types of fake tan

Instant tan

Does what it says on the tin, really. Instant tan products are your saviour on those nights that you promised yourself a date with pizza and reality TV, only to find yourself wearing heels and falsies. Oops.

There are two types of instant tan:

1. You apply in circular motions using a tanning mitt (no one likes a streak unless it's Snapchat) and within a few hours you'll be good to glow.

2. Applies the same as the first but the excess is rinsed after a few hours. This gives you more control as you rinse when you're satisfied.

Gradual tan

Want to build a rich glow but don't have the tanning prowess of a pro? Try a gradual tan. There's also less pressure to get it exactly right on first application. Bonus!

There are sooooo many gradual tanners out there. Some can be built up over a few days, some can be hidden in a moisturiser, and others can be used in the shower... we could go on.

Tanning oils

Oils are a lot more glamorous now than those dark days of lathering yourself in olive oil like some kind of salad. Step away from kitchen ingredients to an oil that speeds up the effects of UV rays. Tanning oils have had a pretty bad rep in recent years due to misuse and lack of education. But using an oil is actually completely natural - it increases the body's ability to produce melanin. That's the magic behind how it works. Ta-dah!

As long as you're sensible with your exposure to the sun and don't use tanning oil as a replacement for SPF protection - you're good to sit back, relax, and tan.

Tanning mists

Ever find yourself curled up in the bath and sobbing uncontrollably over the pressure to apply a flawless tan? There, there. Not all of us are blessed with mad artistic skillz. So, if your coordination left you as the last picked in P.E (*sob*),  a tanning mist could be your fake tan saviour.

There are two types of tanning mist:

1. The original bae - just shake and spray. Simply spray all over your body and leave until you've reached your optimum tan. Then wash off.

2. A simple spritz followed by sun worship. Sorted.

Tanning mousse

Classics stay classics for a reason. Mousse is quick to dry, easy to blend,  and showered off when you've reached your tan ambition. Oh, and it's the perfect excuse to throw on a robe and binge-watch TV shows whilst you get your tan on. Win.


Tanning water 

We get it. Tanning on your face is an art form. It's a skill that  can potentially result in Caspar the friendly ghost or an Oompa Loompa. Well, tanning water is here to transform your art into a modern-day Da Vinci (sort of). Just spritz over your face before you apply makeup and say hello to effortlessly bronzed skin.

Tanning supplements

For those living their best life and don’t have time to waste precious minutes in the bathroom applying fake tan, try tanning supplements. You don’t need to alter your expertly timed beauty routine. Instead, take the recommended dose of the supplement every day with your meals to start seeing glowing results. 

Tanning wipes

New to the tanning game? There's no need to be afraid. Tanning wipes are one of  the easiest ways to apply fake tan. Just swipe onto your skin using circular motions and prepare to count them as your new tanning BFF. Just repeat the process until your tan is 100% your type on paper. Oh, and because they provide such an effortless glow, they are perfect for topping up natural tans to keep you sun-kissed all year round.

Now you know the difference between a tanning mousse and a mist, learn how to apply fake tan like a pro.



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Watch influencers recreate their prom looks!

Ahhhh, prom! Every school leavers rite of passage before saying goodbye to 3pm finishes and not having to worry about what to wear everyday!

We were feeling a little nostalgic about the one and only occasion we could justify hiring a limo to go ten minutes down the road, so we invited influencers Marc Zapanta (@marc.zapanta) and Wende’s World (@wandesworld) to take a trip down memory lane by recreating their prom makeup looks -  or in Marc’s case, his dates!


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What is astaxanthin?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of just why you should be adding astaxanthin into your life, let’s nail the pronunciation first. All together now… ‘asta-ZAN-thin’.  Excellent... now let's find out about the super strength antioxidant!

The antioxidant powerhouse 

Astaxanthin is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. It is a naturally occurring coloured pigment, that supports good health, which can be found in a number of different algae and fish.  It's a brilliant, bright red in colour and it is what gives salmon, lobster and shrimp their pink flesh (some useful dinner convo info for you there!) It can be found in its highest concentration in the muscles of salmon, and research suggests it contributes to the endurance levels required by the fish to swim upstream.

For humans, it’s an incredibly powerful antioxidant with broad health and beauty benefits. Here are 4 ways you can benefit from taking astaxanthin:

1. Get gorgeous, glowing skin

If you’re counting down the days until you board a plane to sunnier shores (or you’re just patiently waiting for the sun to reinstate summer again in the UK), then add ‘top up astaxanthin levels’ to your summer to-do list.  The powerful antioxidant can help our skin recover from over exposure to the sun, while also helping to fight against premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines and loss of moisture.

While being safe in the sun is a top priority, there’s no denying most of us love to achieve a golden glow in the summertime.  For a luminous glow that’ll give the Love Islanders a run for their money UTAN Tan Gummies, which contain astaxanthin, work to protect the skin and accelerate your tan too!

2. Help relieve pain and inflammation

As a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, astaxanthin is your best friend when it comes to needing something to help block pain. Plus, the wonder ingredient can also help reduce inflammatory compounds that drive many chronic diseases.

Shot of mature women stretching with a young female instructor during a training class at the gym

3. Recover quicker after you’ve hit the gym

If you are a keen gyn-bunny and find it hard to recover after a sweaty sesh, then astaxanthin may help speed up your recovery. Just like when salmon make their strenuous swim upstream, astaxanthin can help athletes do their best by aiding muscle recovery, enhancing their endurance and strength levels, as well boosting energy levels.

4. Support your eyes health

You can safely support your eyes health from problems such as eye fatigue, soreness, dry-eye and irritation with a dose of astaxanthin. It works by reducing the number of free radicals which can easily get into your eyes, as well as reducing any inflammation if you have it.

Salmon fish on the cutting board

Where can I find astaxanthin?

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ll be pleased to know salmon is your best way to top of up on the naturally soured antioxidant! In the animal kingdom, it is found in its highest concentration in sockeye salmon – with wild-caught salmon providing lots more health benefits than their farm-raised counterparts. Other sources, but with a lower concentration, include red trout, shrimp, crab and lobster.

If you are a non-fish eater, then astaxanthin is as a supplement too.


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The signs of dehydration you didn’t know about

In the season of festivals, foreign flings and fruity cocktails, it’s all too easy to forget to stay hydrated. We’ve all heard the statement ‘we are made up of 70% water’, yet this fact means little when sizzling by the poolside, third glass of strawberry daiquiri in hand!

Research varies on exactly how much we should be aiming to drink each day. While the traditional ‘8 glasses a day’ figure has lost credibility in recent times (it is believed to be traced back to a 1945 US Research Council recommendation), it’s not always easy to know the best way to avoid dehydration. This is a particular problem in the summer when the hot weather means that dehydration can easily sneak up on us.

The good news is that modern research tells us we can simply let our hydration needs be guided by our bodily responses. Our bodies are smarter than we realise at regulating water consumption; we just have to get smarter at listening to them.

With that in mind, here are some of the lesser known signs your body might use to tell you you’re not drinking enough this summer…

Sunbathing woman on the beach and clean water in plastic bottle for healthy. Drinking water on sand of beach.

You’re cramping up

Despite the hot weather often leading to an air-conditioned taxi ride over a long walk, you might notice your muscles keep cramping. This is because dehydration can cause changes in sodium and potassium levels, contributing to muscle cramps. Dehydration induced cramping can happen any time of the day or night, not just after exercise. If you notice some unusual cramping, it’s time to drink some H2O.

Your skin is dry

Another subtle sign to look out for is dry skin, especially when dry weather and harsh sun creams are collaborating culprits. In addition to feeling dry, dehydrated skin can be flaky and taught. This is because our skin contains many layers of water-based cells which can quickly become depleted. So, if you want to ward off wrinkles and look fresh faced all summer long, pick up that bottle of water.

You’re hangry

For all of this going on about how clever our bodies are, they do occasionally get confused. If you find yourself reaching for another burger from the BBQ long after all your friends have finished, you might be experiencing dehydration-induced hunger pangs. Try drinking a glass of water or unsweetened iced tea before mealtimes to reduce these mixed signals. It might just lift your mood too.

High angle view of family members reaching hands to toast glasses during dinner party

You’re groggy

Your mid-afternoon slump could actually be caused by dehydration. This is because dehydration causes a drop in blood pressure which leads to decreased blood flow to the brain, making you sleepy. Waking up thirsty at night will also leave you feeling groggy, so when you’re reaching for that afternoon brew, make sure you also remember to have a drink of water. Finally, keep your bedroom cool this summer with a fan or open window. You will sweat less, ensuring you retain that precious water while also getting a more comfortable night's sleep. Win win!

You’re freeeezing

This drop in blood pressure leading to decreased blood flow around the body also has another significant side effect: it makes you cold. An inhibited flow of blood to the skin impacts how effectively our bodies can regulate our body temperature. So if your friends are flaunting their fake tans while you’re huddled under a hoodie, maybe consider sipping some water.


If you can’t quite remember all these top tips this summer, try to remember this one instead; keep topping your water bottle up as much as you try to top up your tan. Trust us, your body will thank you for it.

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What is Skip-care? The latest Korean Beauty Trend

Is your skincare collection a little OTT? Is it taking over your bathroom? We’re talking moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliators, masks in all kinds of formulas, sprays, spritzes, toners, elixirs, night and day creams… Oh boy, the list goes on!

Does that sound familiar? If so, the latest skincare trend loved by Korean millennial's, and lovers of K-Beauty in general, may be just what you need. Say hello to skip-care!

What is skip-care?

In a nutshell, skip-care is all about paring down your skincare routine and keeping the products you use to a minimum. Sounds like common sense, hey? But before you go sweeping all your products off your shelf in one dramatic motion, the key to this trend is to identify the key ingredients, which your skin can’t get enough of, and to incorporate this into your daily routine in multi-use products.

Think super-hydrating, antioxidant filled serums, exfoliating cleansers and all-rounder moisturisers that hydrate, protect and prime your skin ready for makeup.

Close up of a youthful female model applying moisturizer to her face. Young korean woman applying moisturizer cream on her pretty face against beige background.

The Benefits

Skip care is beauty minimalism at its best with an abundance of benefits:

  • The obvious one – save on time!

We all have those days where even wiping our makeup off feels like a massive chore, so combining your products into a few hardworking multi-use products is a great time saving option.

  • Be confident that the products you are using are actually working

Although a multi-step routine may feel like your doing you're skin the world of good, but in reality, do you know if they are all working as hard as each other or at all? Using multiple products runs the risk of causing your skin irritation, so by streamlining what you put on your skin you can be sure those few products are actually working in harmony with each other and your skin!

  • Save your pennies

Who doesn’t like to save money here and there?! Multi-functional products cut down on your beauty spend – it’s as simple as that!

So, what should I be using?

Go back to basics - cleanse, moisturise and protect. Or tweak the combination to suit your skins needs - you may want to throw an exfoliator in there or an essence - a highly concentrated, lightweight treatment favoured by K-Beauty lovers.

If you're looking to Marie Kondo your skincare stash (yes, that’s now a thing) then here are a few hard-working products to simplify your beauty routine:


B. Skincare B. Sparkling Water Cleanser 125ml £6.99 Buy Now
Garnier Pure Active Pure Active 3in1 Clay Mask Scrub Wash Oily Skin 150ml £3.69 Buy Now


Naturally Radiant Superdrug Naturally Radiant Cream Normal/Dry Skin 75ml £5.99 Buy Now
Revolution Skincare Revolution Skincare Lightweight Hydrating Gel-Cream £7.99 Buy Now


Revolution Skincare Revolution Skincare Skin Conditioning Serum - EGF Serum £9.99 Buy Now
e.l.f. e.l.f. Hydrating Serum 30ml £13.99 Buy Now
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Our fave biodegradable body glitter festival looks

If there’s one place on earth you can be your total extra self, it’s a festival! If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a golden ticket to one of the hottest festivals of the year (or you and your BFF’s just wanna glam up for a back garden party… ‘cos, why not?!) then it’s time to get your glitter on!

If you’re looking for some easy-to-create festival inspo, you’re in the right place. Superdrug is home to a rainbow of glitters – including our biodegradable Fantasy glitter pots and fixing gels!

So, get ready to shine bright with these glitter inspired looks.

Supedrug fantasy biodegradable festival body glitter

Dreamin’ of glitter

So, you want to be drippin’ in glitter from head to toe? YAS!

Glam up to start with, completing your chosen festival makeup look. Once your eyes, lashes and brows are looking spot on - it’s time to finish the look with glitter.

Using the Superdrug glitter fixing gel, carefully apply it in the places you want to SHINE! Under the eyes (apply with care!), across the collar bone, over the clavicle are all good places to start - then it’s time to decorate!

Using a mix of fine and chunky glitter, build up your desired look.

Finish your look and get ready to stand out from the crowd with single jewels and body pieces.

Guys and gals, you’re ready to SPARKLE!

Blonde girl, wearing glitter on her face and body ready for a party or a festival

Jazz me up!

Not a fan of glitter or gems on your face? No worries, hun, we got you.  Jazz up your hair style by applying some temporary colour to the ends and glitter through your parting.

Want more? Of course, you do! Using our Fantasy biodegradable body glitter and pre-created body jewels (‘cos who has time to create their own between acts?) apply to areas such as your chest and arms for a gorgeous bedazzled look!

Glitter 1
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Managing the menopause

As women get older there is one thing that usually starts playing on their minds, but it’s a topic that may not be spoken about as often, or as openly, as it should be.  We are of course talking about the menopause.

In 2017, Superdrug conducted its first ever #LifePlus 50+Beauty Report, where we asked our customers their view on ageing and on life. In the latest report we wanted to consider the views of those over 40, not only women who are already experiencing ageing and the menopause, but those who are approaching it too.

Of the 1,000+ ladies we spoke to, 50% off them who were yet to experience it were worried about approaching menopause. If you are unsure or worried about what happens at this point of your life as well, here is what you need to know about what the menopause is and its symptoms.

What is the menopause?

The menopause is when a woman stops having her periods and can no longer naturally conceive a baby; it’s a natural part of ageing. It will usually occur between the ages of 45 and 55, as a women’s oestrogen levels start to decline. The average age in the UK for women to reach the menopause is 51, however around 1 in 100 women will experience it before they’re 40.  It’s impossible to put an exact date on it occurring as every woman and her body is different to the next.

What are the symptoms?

Most women will experience menopausal symptoms, which can vary in degree of severity. Of the ladies we spoke to, hot flushes topped the list of symptoms which worried them the most with 68% of our post-menopausal participants saying they suffered with them at some point.

The top 10 symptoms that worried our pre-menopausal women where:

  1. Hot flushes
  2. Weight gain
  3. Mood swings
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Hair loss/ thinning
  7. Sleep disorders
  8. Fatigue
  9. Incontinence
  10. Memory lapses

Other symptoms may include a loss of sex drive, vaginal dryness, tight muscles, aching joints, palpitations, UTI’s and reduced muscle mass.

Gradual process. Beautiful mature woman touching sweater and having hot flash

How to manage symptoms

Hormone replacement therapy

A common preventative measure for the symptoms of the menopause is hormone replacement therapy or HRT.  This involves taking oestrogen to replace the declining amount in the body and can relieve many of the symptoms.  HRT comes in a number of forms including tablets, skin patches, gels to rub into the skin or as an implant. HRT must be prescribed by your doctor and will only be considered after a consultation to discuss the risks and benefits.

If HRT is not for you, there are a number of ways to manage common symptoms:

If you suffer from hot flushes

As the most frequent offender amongst the women we spoke with, it may be surprising to hear that by taking some simple measures you can help calm the effects of hot flushes and also night sweats. This includes wearing lighter clothes, keeping your bedroom cool at night and avoiding triggers such as smoking, drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods.

If you are having mood swings

Some women may experience mood swings, feeling low or anxious while going through the menopause.  These feelings can be managed with some self-help measures including getting plenty of rest, exercising regularly and trying activities such as yoga.

Smiling mature woman with arms raised doing yoga. Fit female is sitting by exercise equipment on rug. She is wearing sports clothing at home.

If your hair is falling out or becoming thin

In the months, or even years, leading up to the menopause women may notice a change in their hair pattern including a reduction in its volume, condition or the amount which falls out when its washed or brushed.  If you notice a change in your hair try reducing the amount of heated tools you use (straighteners, hair dryer etc) or try a topical hair treatment to strengthen your hair.

Finally, remember to look after your health in general

Give your body the nutritional support it needs and help alleviate some of the symptoms by eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and by adding multivitamins and minerals to your day to day routine.

If you are finding your symptoms particularly troublesome, or you simply need advice on the menopause, then be sure to make an appointment with your GP.

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How to spot symptoms, treat and prevent the flu

Getting the flu sucks.  Most people think you’re just moaning about having a cold but in reality, you feel like you’re on deaths door! Flu (or influenza to give it its proper name) can be caught throughout the year, not just in the winter, so listen up. Here’s everything you need to know about the flu and what to do if it pays you a visit.

Air Pollution, Allergy Medicine, Cleaning, Concepts & Topics, Medicine

Is the flu the same as a cold?

Nope! The flu is not the same as the common cold, it’s more severe (so it does warrant a little more sympathy!) The flu is caused by a different group of viruses and the symptoms tend to come on a lot stronger and a lot quicker.

How do you get flu?

You never leave the house without your trusty bottle of anti-bac gel, so how did you catch the flu? We’re sorry to say that even people who actively avoid germy areas (London underground, we’re looking at you) can unfortunately still catch the flu. Sad times. Here’s why…

  • When an infected person sneezes, coughs or blows their nose in public they release tiny droplets containing the virus into the air ready to latch onto someone else.
  • Viruses can live on objects for up to 2 days, so if you’ve touched an infected item – such as a toy, an unwashed glass or a door handle - then touch your face, you can contract the virus.
  • People with the flu can pass it on a day before even their symptoms start. How unfair is that? You won’t even see it coming!

What are the main symptoms?

Flu symptoms can come on very quickly and you may feel any or a combination of the following:

  • A sudden fever at 38 degrees or above
  • Your body will ache
  • Being tired doesn’t come close… you feel exhausted
  • Your throat could be sore
  • A pounding headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tummy pain
  • Nausea and being sick


Young woman drinking tea while covered in blanket

Help! How do I get rid of flu?

It could take around a week to feel better after you first contract the flu virus but there’s a few ways in which you can try and speed up the healing process:

  • Rest and sleep (Netflix to the rescue!)
  • Keep warm
  • Take paracetamol or ibuprofen to lower your temperature and to treat aches and pains
  • Keep your fluids topped up by drinking plenty of water and to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated

How to stop the flu from spreading

The flu is very infectious and can be easily spread, sometimes without you even realising.  To reduce the risk of spreading the virus you can:

  • Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap
  • Sneeze and cough into a tissue
  • Bin used tissues as soon as possible

Superdrug Flu Jab

During the height of flu season, September to March, you can get the flu jab from your local Superdrug pharmacy or selected Health Promotion Clincs. The jab is developed to protect you against current common strains of the flu. If you’ve been unlucky and have caught the flu, help speed up your recovery with Superdrug’s range of cold & flu medication below.

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Everything you need to know about Superdrug’s podcast


Yes, you read that title correctly, Superdrug now has its very own podcast!

‘The Beauty of it All’ is the beauty-obsessed big sister you’ve always wanted!  Here for you when you’re craving a dose of beauty inspo, the low-down on what’s going on backstage in the beauty industry and the very best guest convos!

Hosting the show is the brilliant Vick Hope who is best known for hosting Capital FM’s Breakfast show, as well as being an active human rights activist and Amnesty International ambassador (can she be our BFF now, please?)

Each week Vick will be joined by a celebrity and an expert to discuss a variety of hot topics such as veganism in the beauty world, the latest skincare trends and the influence of drag culture.

'The Beauty of it All' podcast is available to listen via the link below, Acast, iTunes and Spotify - anywhere you already listen to one! 


Here's the low-down on the episodes so far:

Episode 7 – Shades of Beauty – Why does the beauty industry still struggle with diversity?

We are going to be discussing what’s being done about diversity in the beauty industry, whether it’s enough and what the future of beauty looks like. We’ve invited influencer Charmie Janee, Journalist Anita Bhagwandas and founder of Choco Media Model agency, Kareen Hurley to get their views.

When is it available?

Sunday 14th July 2019


Anita Bhagwandas

Anita Bhagwandas is a beauty director with over a decade of experience. She’s worked at magazines like Stylist, Marie Claire and Women’s Health and is currently Beauty and Lifestyle director at large at Glamour.

Kareen Hurley

Former model Kareen Hurley, founded London-based Choco Media Models (@chocomedaimodels), an agency, platform and blog for dark and brown skin models and actors, in 2016 when she was in her early twenties.

Charmie Janee

Charmie Janee is a beauty influencer who shares beauty tutorials to over 450k followers on Instagram (@charmiejanee). She also has 33k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts fun-filled vlogs about her life and experiences. Charmie’s family are from the Philippines.


Episode 6 – Makeup is not a drag

Think all that baking and contouring from Instagram is new hat? Think again, they’re methods that have been used by drag queens for decades. This episode is exploring the influence that drag culture has had on modern makeup today.

When is it available?

Sunday 7th July 2019

Ep 6



Sam Champman and Nic Haste, also known as Pixiwoo, are makeup artists, YouTubers and co-founders of Real Techniques (makeup brush, sponge and tools brand launched in 2011).

Charlie Hides

Charlie Hides is an American-born drag queen, impersonator, actor and comedian. Hides is known for his live performances and YouTube channel which he launched in 2011, where he does sketches and impersonates celebrities. He was on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Episode 5 – Look good, feel good – Are beauty & wellness blurring into one?

In episode 5 we are asking how blurred the lines are becoming between beauty and wellness. More and more of us bounce from spin class to blow dry - and take supplements not only to feel better, but to look better, too. So, who better to ask than PT Alice Lieving and body positive activist Chessie King!

When is it available?

Sunday 30th June

episode 5


Alice Liveing is one of the most recognisable figures in the health and fitness world, using her social media channels to share motivational workouts and healthy recipes. She’s now amassed a 630k strong Instagram following and has three best-selling books.

Chessie King

Chessie King is a body positive activist and health and fitness blogger who uses her platform to show that things online aren’t always as they seem.


Episode 4 – The Big Beauty Quake – The Rise of Skincare

In episode 4 we are chatting with former model and influencer, Ruth Crilly, otherwise known as A Model Recommends and cosmetic dermatologist, Sam Bunting . We will be discussing their top tips to prevent wrinkles, if they think retinal is all its cracked up to be and whether we should be doing a 10 step skincare routine!


When is it available?

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Podcast ep 4


Ruth Crilly

Known as A Model Recommends. Former model Ruth (she began modelling in 2001) is now a respected beauty blogger/vlogger/influencer. She has law, literature and creative writing degrees. She posts beauty, style and lifestyle videos and is a mother of two.

Sam Bunting

Dr Sam Bunting is a London-based cosmetic dermatologist specialising, quite simply, in great skin – she’s widely considered to be a beauty insider’s best-kept secret.

Episode 3 - The Beauty in Transitioning

In episode 3 we will be delving into the beauty in transitioning with bestselling novelist, Juno Dawson and blogger, Joseph Harwood. We will be discussing their journeys, the role make up has played and who their beauty icons are!

When is it available?

Sunday 16th June 2019


Juno Dawson

Juno Dawson is a bestselling novelist, screenwriter, journalist, and a columnist for Attitude Magazine. Her writing has appeared in Glamour, The Pool, Dazed and the Guardian.

Joseph Harwood

Joseph has been working on a very successful blog for nearly ten years and, in that time, amounted to over 40 million views from innovative beauty and LGBT content.

Ep 3

Episode 2 - Is Vegan Beauty Just A Fad?

In episode 2 we will be exploring all things Vegan Beauty with reality TV star, Lucy Watson and The Vegan Society press officer, Dominika. We will be discussing why they are vegan, is Veganism just a trend or here to stay and who’s secret crush is David Attenborough!

When is it available?

Sunday 9th June 2019



Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson is a model, animal-rights activist and is possibly best known as a star of Made in Chelsea. She’s been vegan for 3 years, has two vegan recipe books and runs a vegan restaurant in London with her sister Tiffany.

Dominika Piasecka

Dominika is a passionate vegan and animal rights activist. Media & PR Officer at The Vegan Society, she's dedicated to spreading information about veganism and inspiring people to change the lifestyle.

Episode 1 - How Fame Changes How You See Yourself

We sat down with Megan Barton-Hanson and TV psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to discuss ex-boyfriends, plastic surgery and how fame can suddenly change perceptions.

When is it available?

Sunday 2nd June 2019


Megan Barton-Hanson

Love Island fans will recognise the lovely Megan. Megan left the love island villa in 4th place last summer and is an outspoken feminist and ambassador for sexual health brand Woo Woo.


Honey Langcaster-James

Honey Langcaster-James BSc MSc PG Dip MBPsS is a well-known TV and radio psychologist. Honey has provided her expertise on shows such as Love Island and Big Brother, both on and off screen, and is a well-established life coach and media spokesperson.

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