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Skincare do’s & don’ts – Superdrug
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Skincare do’s & don’ts

Model showing skincare do's and don'ts

You could have a skincare kit to rival Caroline Hirons (aka our master!), but if you don’t know how to use each product properly you’re not going to achieve those glow goals. It’s not rocket science, we know, but there’s a fine line between the right and wrong way to apply your favourite products. Learn all the skincare do’s and don’ts with our easy-to-follow guide.  

The product: Eye cream

Do: Gently apply eye cream in even blobs. Blend gently, with light pressure, by using your ring finger.

Don’t: Apply too much in one go. Blend using a rough technique (ie, using hard pressure).

The product: Eye makeup remover

Do: Soak a cotton pad. Gently wipe in a downward motion. 

Don’t: Soak the cotton pad with too much eye makeup remover. Rub your eyes with too much force, back and forth.

The product: Face mask

Do: Apply evenly by using a brush.

Don’t: Fidget too much when your mask is on as it will crack. Don’t leave it on for too long either, always go by the instructions on the packaging.  

The product: Moisturiser

Do: Apply your moisturiser bit-by-bit and allow the product to absorb into the skin.

Don’t: Apply too much so it looks like a mask of product, you’re using too much!

The product: Nose strip

Do: Peel in a quick motion, but lift from both sides of the strip.

Don’t: Rip it off aggressively, this could tear the skin.

The product: Face scrub

Do: Apply the scrub evenly and rub into skin gently. 

Don’t: Roughly rub the product into the skin as this could aggravate and cause redness/irritation.

The product: Serum

Do: Apply blobs of product in targeted areas and gently blend into skin until the product is fully absorbed.  

Don’t: Continue rubbing the product into the skin, this is not helping and in fact could end up clogging pores if you’re not careful!

The product: Toner

Do: Soak a cotton pad in toner and gently wipe over face after cleansing.

Don’t: Apply toner to your face using your fingertips.

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