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In-Flight Skincare Essentials – Superdrug
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In-Flight Skincare Essentials

Whether you’re flying across the Atlantic or jetting off for the weekend, travelling may seem glamorous but the conditions on a plane can cause havoc to your skin.
We've rounded up a line-up of essentials for your hand luggage to pep your skin and give it back its glow – don't forget they must be under 100ml!

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Makeup Wipes

It’s important to take off your makeup before boarding a flight because the cabin air can dry your makeup out and make it appear blotchy and uneven.

If you feel bare without covering up and insist on wearing makeup whilst at the airport, then ensure you take it off before you board. Pop some makeup wipes in your bag and let your face go au naturale during the flight. Alternatively, tinted moisturisers or BB creams double up to give you a bit of colour and moisture all-in-one.

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0-3 Hour Flights

Short-haul flights won’t hugely affect the effort you have previously put into your skincare routine, but moisture will still be lost. Artificial air contains roughly 30% less moisture in comparison to the air in your home, so a boost is essential. A super hydrating moisturiser will work miracles and return your skin back to its normal state. Apply before and during your flight to keep your skin hydrated.

This applies to your hands too – don’t forget to carry a hand cream.

3-6 Hour Flights

A face mist is a light way of adding further hydration to your skin and giving it a dewy finish. Use this in conjunction with your moisturiser for optimal, hydrating results.

The ingredients in a face mist act by drawing and surfacing moisture to the skin and trapping it.  Wait 30 seconds and blot any excess from your face and your skin will stay hydrated for the rest of your flight. 

Long Haul Flights

6+ hours on a plane and the pressure and dehydration of planes will really begin to kick in. Your skin will now be dull and sagging with a side dish of blotchy eyes. Carrying some eye drops will give your eyes back their sparkle as well as making them less itchy and sore.  

The skin around your eyes will also be affected as this is the thinnest part of skin on your face. Packing some eye-gel patches or  hydrating eye cream will make them appear less sunken and puffy and reduce all signs of fatigue.

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Blotting Paper

Those with oily skin are not exempt from the skin struggles when flying - it will still dry out. In addition to this, oily skin will naturally produce more sebum to over compensate for the skin drying, causing your complexion to look even oilier.  

Blotting your face will absorb any excess oil whilst restoring the essential oils you really need when on board a flight. So you can have an oil free face, full of moisture. 


Travelling can be draining on the body and many suffer from fatigue. Iron tablets are ideal for decreasing levels of fatigue so you can boost your energy levels and make the most of your holiday. 

In preparation for your flight, taking supplements for your hair, skin and nails is beneficial. This will ensure they are in their best possible condition and will be more resilient to the pressure flying can have on them. 


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Keep your travelling skincare routine strict and you will reap the benefits once you land. Then, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.

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