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What Are the Different Types of Razors for Men? – Superdrug
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What Are the Different Types of Razors for Men?

A shot of the reflection of a man shaving in a mirror

Guys, did you know that not all razors are the same? Depending on the results you’re after, you want to look closer to look at the finer details. Some razors have three blades whereas others can have up to five. Some razors now have the technology of a ball that will glide and cling to your face where necessary for the closest shave of your life!

If you’re looking for a new razor or just need one for your gym bag and on the go, we’ve searched the Superdrug website for the best a man can get, for now.

A shot of the reflection of a man shaving in a mirror

1. The Hydrating One

Wilkinson Hydro 3 Razor has a water activated gel that hydrates the skin as you shave, and the lubricating strip lasts twice as long as others! The protecting skin guard glides smoothly over the skin’s surface which prevents hairs getting caught between and minimising irritation.

2. The Disposable One

If you’re heading away for the weekend, have minimal packing space or perhaps you’re setting up a grooming kit for someone staying at your home, a disposable razor is a great option for all these scenarios.  The Superdrug Male Twin Blade Disposable razor pack provides a smooth, close shave every single time. Partner with the B. Men Shaving Cream to avoid irritation or burn.

3. The Anti-Friction One

Gillette Fusion 5 Power Razor for Men features anti-friction blades, so you’ll barely feel the shave. The battery operated micropulses help power the razor helping it to move effortlessly. The precision trimmer on the reverse is ideal for getting to those hard to reach areas like your nose and sideburns, and style your facial hair.

4. The Chilled One

Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill razor has anti-friction blades, so it won’t tug on your hairs or skin. The handle has FlexBall technology which moves with the contours to get every hair. It also has a precision trimmer for those tricky areas that you can often miss when shaving. The lubricant contains cooling technology, so you’re left with refreshed skin post shave.

5. The Titanium One

Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision razor is the world’s first three-in-one wet razor that shaves, creates precise edges and trims - perfect for sideburns, beards and under the nose. The lubricating strips contain vitamins E and Pro B5 that help soothe the skin post shave. This razor can be used in the shower or bathroom and is great for on the go!

6. The Multi-Tasker

Philips OneBlade is perfect to travel with - it can trim, edge and shave any length of hair which is great! This electric grooming technology has been designed for men who like to style their facial hair and maintain their beard shape and size. Cutting hairs at 200 per second and the dual protective system, you’ll have a comfortable shave even on longer hairs. With four different stubble combs, never let yours get out of hand again!

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