For many of us the back to school breakout is something we have to deal with every year. Thankfully there are ways to keep those spots at bay. We reveal our top tips on teen beauty and skincare.

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Do You Have Blemish-Prone Skin?

Teens are more prone to breakouts because at that age hormones make the skin’s oil glands enlarge and produce a substance called sebum. This in turn clogs pores causing breakouts including whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and papules.

With the coming of autumn, our daily routines change, days become shorter and the weather gets colder. All of these factors affect the condition of our skin along with our diet and genes. Thankfully, there’s a whole list of things we can do to try and minimise the appearance of blemishes and breakouts. Here are a few handy tips.

Don’t Over-Wash Your Face

Don’t be tempted to use scrubs and face washes too often. If you use face scrub more than just once or twice a week, you will feel your face getting oilier.

This is because the product is drying out your skin, which starts to over-produce its own oil, clogging the pores as the result.

Top Tip: Lightly wash your face twice a day and use a facial scrub only once a week. This will help stabilise your skin’s natural oil production.

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Pimple Picking

Picking or squeezing pimples prolongs the healing process and can lead to permanent scarring or even worse – cysts.

This is because when you are trying to pop a spot, often you simply end up taking the bacteria deeper into the pore, causing more damage.

Top Tip: Use tea tree oil to reduce redness and make the spot less visible. Patience and time will take care of the rest.

How Clean is Your Smartphone?

When you travel or go out, you will most likely touch a surface that is dirty. You will then type up a text message or use your finger tips to tap and answer calls, leaving the bacteria on your screen, ready to come in contact with your face and cause breakouts.

Top Tip: Make sure you use an antibacterial wipe twice a week to clean your smartphone screen.

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Your Skincare and Makeup Habits

If your skin is prone to breakouts, you need to make sure you are using the right type of makeup, creams and foundation.

There are many foundations out there that are perfect for this, as they keep the unwanted glow at bay without clogging up the pores.

Equally, creams that are designed especially for breakout-prone skin have special formulas that moisturise skin without making it look oily.

Using the wrong type of products can make spots worse – so it’s always worth being mindful of what makeup range you are using.

Top Tip: Applying too much makeup can make the appearance of breakouts worse. Always make sure your moisturiser and foundation are compatible with your skin type.

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Do You Use Creams with SPF?

Skin can get really dry and damaged in the summer sun. The same happens in winter, autumn and spring – but we simply don’t notice it as the weather isn’t as hot. It’s important to start using a moisturiser with an added SPF filter early. Doing so will not only delay the appearance of wrinkles in later years but also help to protect from skin cancer.

Top Tip: Always keep a cream with SPF handy in your school bag – it will prove to be useful especially if you didn’t have enough time to put some on in the morning.

Does Your Hair Style Affect the Condition of Your Skin?

There are many fun hairdos you can sport now that the summer hair chalk has been washed off. But did you know that your hair style may affect the condition of your skin too?

If you have a fringe and use styling product on it, chances are it also goes onto the skin underneath the fringe, clogging the pores and causing breakouts. Also, if you tend to wear foundation or powder under your fringe, this also will contribute to making your skin oilier and more prone to spots.

The best solution is not to apply makeup or foundation onto your forehead if you have a heavy fringe. Another idea is simply to pin your fringe up or to one side - there are many playful hairstyles out there for you to enjoy.

Top Tip: If you prefer wearing your fringe, always use light hair spray or spritz and cover your forehead with your hand when applying the styling product.

Your Skin and Diet

A balanced diet means healthy skin and a glowing complexion. The first step to achieve this is trying to limit the amount of sugary drinks and snacks you are consuming. Although it may be hard to do at first, after a while you will start feeling more energised and you will notice your skin becoming visibly clearer.

Making sure you are taking the right vitamins and nutrients is really important too. Focus on Vitamin C and A to stay healthy, and Vitamin D, calcium and B6 for healthy skin and bones.

Top Tip: If you are not sure what vitamins are right for you, simply speak to your GP. Find out what supplements are best for you based on your age, gender as well as diet, and what nutrients you can get through eating a healthy and balanced diet.

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