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A Definitive Guide to Men’s Clippers – Superdrug
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A Definitive Guide to Men’s Clippers

Handsome man cutting his own hair with a clipper

If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair from home, finding a good pair of clippers is half the battle. Luckily help is at hand, read on to discover our guide to men’s clippers (and how to take care of them).

Handsome man cutting his own hair with a clipper

What’s The Difference Between Clippers & Trimmers?

Clippers are commonly used to cut men’s hair and beards (most barbers tend to use them, as they are quicker and cleaner than traditional scissors and comb). While trimmers just work on short hair and stubble, with clippers you can work on hair of any length ­­­– they come with detachable combs in varying sizes depending on how long or short you want it. Trimmers are often used afterwards to tidy up areas like the sideburns and neck. 

How to Choose the Right Grade Attachment

If you’re using clippers for the first time, you might find all the different attachment sizes really confusing. But get the hang of them and you’ll be able to cut your hair precisely with ease.

Each one is graded in numbers (some like the Wahl Cordless Colour Pro Beard Clipper are even colour coded), usually between 0 and 8. To give you a better idea, 0-2 attachments are normally used for a buzz cut while at the opposite end, 7-8 are for longer/curly hair. You can also use several different attachments (e.g. 2, 3 and 4) to achieve a ‘fade’ effect. Or for the traditional ‘short, back and sides’ use 2 or 3 at the sides and back of the head, switching up to a 5 or 8 attachment on the top.

How to Care for Your Clippers

If you’re investing in a pair of clippers, taking care of them is a no-brainer – to ensure they last a long time and can function at their best. You can do this by regularly cleaning them after each use. The clipper blade can become easily clogged by stray hairs and other debris, which can make them blunt over time.

Use a soft brush to sweep away the excess after each use. Then using a small container or saucer, mix a few drops of washing up liquid with some water (deep enough to immerse the blades); turning the clippers on, run the blades through it to remove any lingering residue. Germs and bacteria can also build up on the blades, so you should sterilise them at regular intervals with rubbing alcohol or white distilled vinegar (using the same method as above).

Your clipper blade will also need oil to stop it corroding and breaking. Apply a few drops before and after each use to prevent the blades rusting and prolong their lifespan. (Make sure you use special blade oil and not cooking oil!)

Cord or Cordless Clippers?

Both kinds of clippers have their merits. A corded clipper, such as the Babyliss Men's Mains Powered Clipper are usually more budget-friendly and allow you to have a constant flow of power during the clip, so you’re not having to stop and recharge. While a cordless clipper like the Braun Hair Clipper HC5010 offers you free movement to clip without being confined to a particular area. They’re also great to travel with, as you can trim your hair on the go without having to find a power outlet. The choice is yours!

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Chosen your perfect clippers? Hit the button to learn how to use them on your hair – and avoid disaster!

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