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Menopause Supplements

Menopause is a natural process which happen in later life for women when they are no longer able to fall pregnant naturally and when the body reduces its oestrogen production. This normally happens in women around the age of 45-55 and can bring with it other bodily changes too.

However, as we are all different there is no finite age at which menopause begins or perimenopause – which is the transition your body makes into menopause – starts.

Menopause symptoms and signs
1. Mood swings – as your hormones change throughout the menopause, it’s no surprise you could be susceptible to mood swings. Following a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep can help to stabilise these, however you can also introduce vitamins for menopause into your lifestyle.
2. Weak bones – as your oestrogen levels reduce, this can impact your bodies effectiveness at absorbing other minerals such as iron, calcium and vitamin d, which all help to support healthy, strong bones. The best way to incorporate this into your body is through a healthy and balanced diet, however when this is not always achievable, or levels need a boost you can use vitamins for these or try menopause vitamins which contain a mix of different minerals and vitamins you will require.
3. Hot flushes & night sweats – Changes in hormones can wreak havoc on your core body temperature whatever age you are. As a result of hot flushes, this also makes it hard to sleep and can cause night sweats.
4. Reduced periods – as your body runs out of eggs and your oestrogen levels drop, your periods will slowly stop.

Menopause treatment and remedies
As mentioned above, you can sometimes take menopause supplements to help with hormonal imbalance where your diet may lack, however some may choose to opt for more natural remedies, as well as other treatments that can help cool you down like sprays for when you are experiencing hot flushes and night sweats. For more menopause support, shop the rest of our range.

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