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The Ultimate Hair Brush & Comb Guide – Superdrug
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The Ultimate Hair Brush & Comb Guide

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Whilst you may be using the same comb or brush you have had for years, you’ll be surprised to know that hair breakage and hair loss can be attributed to having bad brush and comb habits.  Learn which works best for you for soft, smooth hair that you can easily style.

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Hair Brush

Paddle Brush

A paddle brush has a flat surface, making it the ideal brush to use before straightening your hair. It is ideal for those with long hair as it can create volume at the crown, whilst sweeping down your hair to detangle and smooth. If you are prone to static hair, then opt for a wooden paddle brush as plastic brushes will static charges.

Vent Brush

These brushes get their name from the vents in-between the bristles. This makes them the perfect brush to use when blow drying your hair as it allows more heat to get to the hair, improving drying time and ensuring waves. Boun ce and shine are created and kept in place. If you have a sensitive scalp, look for a vent brush with rounded bristles as it won’t be as harsh.

These brushes come in all different sizes and each serve a different purpose. The small ones are great for styling fine hair, especially fringes. The medium which are great for creating a wavy look, particularly to the ends of your hair, and the large size which is designed for those with thicker hair so you too can achieve the curled flick, or bouncy hair styles.

Detangler Brush

A detangler brush is perfect for those with thick hair that is prone to knots and tangles.  It is designed to carefully undo any hair knots without tugging at the hair which can cause hair to fall out or create split ends. It is gentle on the hair with maximum effects and can even be used to keep hair extensions in good condition. Use on either wet or dry hair for tangle-free tresses.

Massage Brush 

The bristles from this brush are soft, therefore they do not damage or pull hair out as traditional brushes have the tendency to do. The soft nature of these brushes make them perfect for evenly applying product to either wet or dry hair, ensuring your full head of hair is nourished. It also means the oils and bacteria from your hands are not in contact with your hair, which cause greasiness.

As the name suggests, these hairbrushes are gentle on the scalp, causing a massaging effect. As they are less aggressive on your hair it creates less of a chance that your hair will be pulled out or knotted when you brush it, preventing hair loss.

Heated straightening Brush

This revolutionary brush is vented, allowing air to pass through and dry each of your strands as it does. The heated barrel will allow you to style your hair as you brush, neatening out any kinks whilst adding volume.

Cushion Brush

Cushioned brushes are great for thicker, coarser hair. These brushes mainly consist of boar bristles with nylon quills scattered amongst these to help detangle coarse hair. These brushes will smooth and straighten hair that is usually harder to manage.



Pintail Comb

These combs come either wide or finely toothed and have a sharp tail that is ideal for sectioning hair. It allows you to be creative with your partings, whether it is straight down the middle or zigzag, whilst keeping it neat. These can be used on thick or fine hair and are ideal for teasing the hair, creating volume through backcombing at the roots.

Afro Comb

Specifically designed for curly hair, this comb helps to manage and style afro textured hair. The wide toothed comb will not clump together any of the hair, rather it will separate so that it is easier to section and style.

Wide/Fine Toothed Comb

Multi-purpose comb for all hair types of any length. Use after a hair wash to detangle or backcomb and lift your hair to create incredible volume before a night out!

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