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Listen to Superdrug’s New Podcast: Healthful – Superdrug
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Listen to Superdrug’s New Podcast: Healthful

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Are you in search for a new podcast to listen to while out and about? Or perhaps podcasts are your secret to getting you through the working day? However and wherever you like to listen to them, we've got brand new series for you to add to your subscription list -  Healthful by Superdrug!

Superdrug's brand new Healthful podcast, hosted by Dr Zoe Williams, will take a deep dive into all the important issues which impact your health, now. From discovering whether sex-care is the new self-care, to understanding your gut health and getting real about tummy troubles. Healthful will create open conversations which will get our listeners talking.

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Episode 6: Ask Us Anything

The final episode of Healthful will be available on Sunday 7th February

Sponsored by: Nizoral 

In this special ‘Ask Us Anything' episode to finish off the Healthful series, Dr Zoe Williams @DrZoeWilliams is joined by a host of esteemed experts to answer all our burning health questions, from skincare to sex care and mental health. Joining Zoe are Superdrug’s resident sex and relationships expert Alix Fox @AlixFox, our Head Of Healthcare Operations Shiraz Khan, expert trichologist and Nizoral brand ambassador Stephanie Sey @Stephanie_Sey, leading psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos @DrLindaP and GP and cosmetic doctor Jane Leonard @DrJaneLeonard. And our panel will leave you packed full of information to take away; from how to deal with maskne, to how to cope with stress and learning all about the services Superdrug has on offer to support your overall health.

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Episode 5: Tummy Troubles And Bowel Business

Episode 5 will be available from Sunday 31st January.

Sponsored by: BioKult, Imodium and KIND bars

From IBS to Crohn's, Colitis and bloating, lots of us struggle with bowel issues, but they can often be difficult for people to talk about. In this episode, hosted by Dr Zoe Williams @DrZoeWilliams, our guests open up about their tummy troubles. Hannah Witton @HannahWitton discusses what life is like living with a stoma, while Emily Clarkson @Em_Clarkson and Lottie Drynan aka @TheTummyDiaries open up about life with IBS and bloating. In this candid chat, our guests reveal all about how their conditions have impacted on their lives and their relationships, offering positive advice to our listeners. Plus, Dr Megan Rossi @TheGutHealthDoctor is on hand to help anyone who might be at the beginning of their journey to tummy triumph.

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Episode 4: How To Help Your Immune System

Sponsored by: Immunace 

Never before have we been so interested in our immune systems; what they are, how they work and how we can go about supporting them. In this episode, Dr Zoe Williams @DrZoeWilliams is joined by Dr Hazel Wallace @TheFoodMedic, Dr Christian Jessen @DrChristian and pharmacist Anna Vakili @AnnaVakili_ to look at the different factors that can impact on our immune system. They’ll discuss how you can support your immune system through your lifestyle, diet, exercise and with the use of supplements – if needed. And they’ll uncover the many different parts of our health that can be impacted by being more conscious about our immune system.

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Superdrug Healthful podcast episode 4

Episode 3: Is Sex-Care The New Self-Care?

Sponsored by: Durex & Superdrug 2 in 1 Massage Gel 

This episode discusses themes of a sexual nature and strong language, which may not be suitable for our younger listeners. Female masturbation and pleasure has traditionally been a taboo subject, but with the trend of sexual wellness on the rise, we’re all starting to see the benefits of sensual self-care. Hosted by Dr Zoe Williams @DrZoeWilliams, in this episode our guests – Superdrug’s resident sexpert Alix Fox @AlixFox, podcaster and sex and relationships expert Oloni @Oloni and author of How To Have Feminist Sex, Flo Perry @FloPerryDraws – discuss the question, is sex-care the new self-care? They dissect how to learn more about your sexuality, how to ask for what you want in the bedroom and reveal the physical and mental benefits of orgasm. Dr Zoe is also joined by Kandid’s sexual health doctor Dr Elesha Vooght @Dr.Elesha who explains the importance of getting to know your own body.

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Superdrug podcast Healthful episode 3

Episode 2: How To Talk To Kids About Puberty

Sponsored by: Wellteen & Luna

Periods, spots, body hair, moods swings and hormones. We’ve all been through it but how, as parents, or adult figures in a child’s life, do we have an honest and responsible talk about puberty without getting embarrassed or embarrassing the kids? In this episode, hosted by Dr Zoe Williams @DrZoeWiliams, our guests Peta Todd @PetaToddlar and Jamie and Tom aka @Daddyanddad, discuss the right time to have these conversations. They open up about their own experiences of going through puberty, as well as the conversations they’ve had with the children in their life, providing the ultimate guide to broaching these tricky topics.


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Supeerdrug podcast episode 2 puberty host and guests

Episode 1: MENtion Health

Sponsored by: Kind Bar & Mindcare by Superdrug Online Doctor 

This episode contains honest conversations around topics like self-harm, suicide and anxiety which some listeners might find triggering, please decide if it's right for you to listen.

With stress and anxiety at an all-time high this year, in this special MENtion Health episode of our Healthful podcast, hosted by Matt Johnson @MattJohnsons, our panellists discuss issues surrounding men’s mental health and how we can open up the conversation. TV personality Chris Hughes @ChrisHughesOfficial shares his own journey with anxiety, while LGBTQ+ activist Alexander Leon @Alexand_erLeon discusses how ideas about masculinity can impact on men’s mental health. Dr Amir Khan @DoctorAmirKhan explains why he thinks it can be harder for men to speak out and Stephen Manderson, aka @ProfessorGreen, shares his tips on how to get through the tough days.


Sponsored by KIND bars and MindCare by Superdrug Online Doctor


Superdrug Healthful podcast episode 1
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