multi tech

Looking for a solution to all of your makeup application woes? Look no further than the MultiTech Collection from Real Techniques. This range is designed to bring beautiful results to life and encourage you to use beauty application products in your own unique way.

multi tech

The S, XS, XXS  and XXS Brush Set

Are you looking for a quick touch up? This may be the makeup set that dreams are made of.

You will find four brushes in this set, each designed to fit into the contours of your face.

When these four join forces, they can do everything from conceal an imperfection, line your lips or complete your favourite eye look.

XL and L Brushes

These two are every blending guru’s dream! Because of its size and more tapered tip, the point L brush is perfect for adding precision into your face application. The larger point XL brush works great for full face application as well as blending.

The XXXL Brush and Sponge

The XXXL brush has a wide head that makes it easy to cover large areas of your body and neck. Meanwhile, with a detailed point and a round base, the point makeup sponge delivers flawlessly blended results, plus makes It easy to get into hard to reach areas, for example the inner eye.