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Benefits of Going without Makeup – Superdrug
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Benefits of Going without Makeup

going without makeup

People wear makeup for different reasons: For some it gives them confidence, for others it is a passion they have embedded into their daily routine. Whatever your reason, going without makeup and embracing the bare-faced beauty look is beneficial to your skin and will result in a more supple, glowing complexion. 

going without makeup

Steam out the dirt

Large pores are one of every skin conscious persons hates. They are the root cause of blemishes such as blackheads and spots - but they can be managed. 

Steaming your face opens and deep cleans your pores, which releases all dirt and debris that may have gotten trapped. If your pores are dirty then it will show on the rest of your face. As well as this, the deep opening of pores also means that other treatments you use on your face will have a better outcome, as they are nourishing further into your skins layers. 

Let your Skin Breathe

It may be part of your routine, but for the days where you are lounging around the house or doing a quick shop, why not go makeup free. It’s good to go bare-skinned as it gives your pores the chance to breathe. Clogged pores are the main cause of skin imperfections such as blemishes or spots; therefore it is important they are cleaned daily.

Wear a nourishing facemask at night: wash your face with hot water and then splash with cold water after. This will open the pores and expose them to the benefits of your facemask. The cold water will close your pores, locking in the benefits and leaving your skin deeply cleansed. Finally, on your squeaky clean skin, wear a moisturiser that will go deep into your skin layers and leave your skin hydrated and glowing the following morning.  

Face Mask

Facemasks are a great way of pulling out your skins impurities which can build up when makeup clogs your pores. Splash your face with hot water to open up your pores, apply your facemask and leave for roughly 10-15 minutes until it has hardened. 

It will soften, cleanse and soak up any excess oil you may have which will ultimately lead to a clearer complexion.

Pick the best facemask for you depending on your skin type. Clay masks are best for the above results but you will find that there are hydrating and softening masks which will also be beneficial to the condition of your skin.

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Tinted Moisturiser

Where you may usually add a bit of colour to your skin tone through products such as foundation, you may find that you are not as used to your natural complexion. If you still want to grab-that-glow without the use of makeup then it is time to invest in a tinted moisturiser. Not only will it be beneficial in nourishing your skin, it will add a natural glow.

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