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7 makeup tips for contact lens wearers – Superdrug
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7 makeup tips for contact lens wearers

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If you think because you wear contact lenses you can’t enjoy wearing the makeup you love, then think again! With a little practise and care, you’ll be creating a killer eye look again like a pro. Simply follow our 7 top tips to master your makeup while enjoying all the benefits of our brand-new contact lens service.

The lens low down

1. Let’s start with rule 101 of wearing contact lenses. Always, always, always put your contacts in with clean, dry hands. Remember clean hands = clean lenses!

2. Always (okay, this is joint rule number 1) put your contact lenses in before applying makeup.

3. Soz guys, if you’re into dark, smoky eyes… you should avoid applying eyeliner to the lower waterline when you have your lenses in.

4. Use water-based products, such as liquid foundations. Powder versions can get into your eyes and under the lens causing irritation and redness – not a good look or feel!


Women applying mascara to her eyelashes after putting in contact lenses


5. Use quality brushes to avoid bristles coming loose and finding their way near your lenses

6. Remember to keep all of your makeup items sealed or closed. Makeup that is exposed to the air can cause bacteria growth and you don’t want to be putting this near your eyes (contact lenses or not… this is a tip for everyone!)

7. And finally, avoid oil-based products. If you get oil in your eye, it won’t necessarily hurt but it could make your vision cloudy.


There you have it, 7 top tips to enjoy your makeup while enjoying clearer vision! Fancy giving contacts a go? Find out more about our new contact lens service today.

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