Virtual date ideas

If you think social distancing means putting your love life on pause for the foreseeable, think again. Although non-essential human contact is now out of the question (and everything it implies!) there are ways to strike up a connection and go on ‘virtual dates’ even if you can’t meet in real life.

Whether you’re Living Apart Together (LATing) with your other half, or have just clicked with someone on an app, here are some fun virtual dates to break the monotony of endless text messages…

Woman smiling on her bed during a virtual date

1. Do a Remote Workout Together

Ideal if you’re both fitness fanatics, video call each other with your phone propped up somewhere safe, and take it in turns to spot or give advice during a weights session. Otherwise, you can spur each other on while you sprint around the park, via Bluetooth headphones! As well as allowing you to bond, it’s also a good way to ensure your fitness levels don’t flag either! And even if you’re just going for a walk in the park, you can always talk to each other while you take your daily stroll (using a hands-free headset so you’re not staring at a screen).

2. Create Your Own Version of MTV Cribs!

Giving someone a virtual tour of your living space can be a fun way of getting to know them on a more intimate level. Walk around each room, show them where you’re currently working and maybe hone in on a few things like books or posters that are special to you. Show them what’s in your fridge e.g. what kinds of foods you’re fond of and what you like to cook! You can even get your current housemates or family involved, they can shout hello in the background and have a quick chat as fun way of “meeting the friends or family” – if only virtually!

Female video calling

3. Have a Virtual Dinner Date

If you’ve spent the past few weeks in your sweatshirt and joggers, this gives you an excuse to get glammed up. Put on some smart dinner-date attire, order takeout and a bottle of wine, light some candles if you have them and place your laptop on the other side of the table! If you can’t go out for dinner in real life, this can be the next best thing. You can even end the evening together by watching a movie over Netflix Party.

4, Play Games Online

If your WhatsApp or video chats are becoming inevitably about the corona crisis (it’s almost impossible not to talk about it at the moment), it might be fun to switch things up and play a few games instead. It can also give your mind some much-needed distraction from all the negative news and ease anxiety levels. If you’re both gamers, you can pop on your headsets and while away the hours shooting down enemy troops. Otherwise there are games like Draw Something or noughts and crosses that you can take turns playing over your phone. (And if you want to REALLY turn up the heat, you can always do a video-version of Never Have I Ever or strip poker…).

Female playing games online as part on online dating

5. If All Else Fails … Time for Voice Notes Karaoke!

Can you both carry a tune? Even if you’re tone deaf, the results can still be pretty hilarious. Find a popular duet (Islands in the Stream or I Got You Babe are both classics) and take it in turns sending each other voice notes singing the different parts or taking a verse each. Yes it’s silly but it’s also great fun when you’re otherwise stuck indoors on a Saturday night – especially if housemates can get involved on the harmonies!