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How To: Ponytail With 90s Scrunchie & Clips – Superdrug
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How To: Ponytail With 90s Scrunchie & Clips

90s ponytail with scrunchie and clips

The 90s bought us so much happiness! The chart-topping music (we love ya Britney!), the blockbuster films (we still say there was room for Jack on that floating door in Titanic!), the vibrant fashion and of course - the beauty! Frosted blue eyeshadow, crimped hair and glitter everywhere were just some of the looks that made the 90s so iconic. While some of the creative looks have stayed in the past, we're pleased to see a few making a very welcomed return. And one of those is using scrunchies and colourful clips in your hair.

If this 90s vibe is right up your street, take a look at our tutorial below and stock up on all kinds of scrunchie styles at Superdrug.

You Will Need:


Step 1: Creating the Ponytail

Brush your hair out, and depending on your hair type and texture, apply a styling serum through the lengths.

Step 2: Straighten Your Hair

If you have naturally curly hair before you start creating the 90s style, you may want to straighten your hair so the result is smooth and sleek.

Step 3: Create Your Ponytail

Using a hairbrush or fine-toothed comb, brush your hair from your hairline back to the crown of your head; you are aiming for a smooth finish. If you have naturally curly or afro hair, you may want to use a hair wrap at this point to prevent frizz or fly away hairs. Secure your pony in place with a small elastic or hairband.

Step 4: Decide on Your Accessories

Once you are happy with where you have secured your pony, you can decide on the accessories! A scrunchie is one of the most iconic 90s hair accessories, and we are pleased to say it hasn’t dated! They are available in various materials, colours, and prints so that you can swap and change depending on your outfit or even your makeup. Tie it loosely around the base of your ponytail and fan it out.

Step 5: Position Your Clips

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of colour to your look in the 90s was with snap clips, and they go perfectly with scrunchies. You can opt for a few mismatched colours or go with one large clip on either side to channel some true 90s vibes!

Watch the 90s Scrunchie & Clips Tutorial

If you miss the good ol' days of school dances and lip-syncing to the Spice Girls with your BFFs, then hit the links below for some more 90s nostalgia hair tutorials!

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